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This is a genuine UK car. First registered in Devon during - 1968. It has had 4 owners (2 of whom lived at the same address) She has been dry stored in a barn for some 27 years. She's in pretty good shape and our restoration started in earnest July / Aug 2013.

Here are a few pictures that provide a brief overview of progress so far. I've missed out those things you also need to do, like re-furbishing all those parts that you can't buy, or need to re-use as original parts. Hours and hours of work, mess and dirt. Cleaning, de-greasing, shot blasting, painting and so on. All those of you who have done this before, will know exactly what I mean.

I can't weld, I can't paint and I don't have the in-depth experience, expertise and knowledge that others do, but I will undertake to learn and apply myself to undertake all the tasks that I can. I have had a lot of help and would not have made the progress that has been achieved so far without it. Thank you. You know who you are. Lastly a big thank you to the suppliers as well. They have all been great.

July 2013

This car is being re-built for my partner "Fiona". One day I hope she will be smiling even more when the car has been completed.

The collection

The off-loading

And into the garage for the strip down