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With the suspension rebuilt and the brakes installed it was time to install the brake lines. I bought stainless flexible hoses and the Automec copper-nickel brake line kit for the TR3 which for the most part went in pretty well. I found the lines that go across the rear axle could have been a bit longer and the long line that goes from the rear to the front was several inches too long. I gave up trying to lose the additional line by making a bigger loop around the jacking hole and opted instead to shorten the brake line and use a flaring tool to recreate the flare.

I used the Automec brake line for everything except the connections between the master cylinders and the brake fluid reservoir. TRF sells pre-bent pipe for this location and that worked out fine.

At the front there is a brass junction that also houses the brake light switch. You can see it in the picture below on the RHS of the frame with the red plug in the top connector.

I read a lot of discussion about the one-way valve in this connector and I opted to remove it since it seems to do more harm than good. If that proves to be incorrect I have kept the spring and plunger and they can be re-installed. You can see the spring and the plunger in the picture below and I simply re-assembled the connector without those two components,

I cleaned up the handbrake linkage and cables and sent the handbrake along with some other chrome pieces off to be re-chromed.

By now the rolling frame is pretty much complete and it is time to think about re-assembling the engine.