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25 TR members - Trip to the Spanish Pyrenees - Mike Colman

25 TR members - Trip to the Spanish Pyrenees - Mike Colman

Back home again, so can now update you about the (Spanish) Pyrenees Trip that Jean and I went on.

It was the 7 night one organised by Mick & Linda Forey for TR Register, about 25 TR's altogether - and Mick is probably going to be doing a full write up in TRaction before too long. The 25 only came together at Parador Hotel stops - drives during the day were at individual discretion - solo, small groups or whatever - with a suggested route map (which was of varying accuracy !!).....the only criteria being to arrive at the Hotel.

However, in a nutshell.........all met at Portsmouth Quayside for a 3.00pm Thursday embarkation onto Ferry to Santander. 24 hour crossing, so decent cabins overnight and we arrived Santander about 3.00pm Friday. First Hotel was just over 100 miles away in Argomaniz, so a quick blast through lovely scenery to arrive in time for a pre-booked meal. Next day was a drive to Arties in the heart of the Spanish Pyrenees where we stayed for 3 nights. The route map said it was a 250 mile drive, but that map was "confusing" and most cars got lost - we alone did 347 miles........but stunning scenery of snow topped mountains and deep gorges. Whilst at Arties a few of us drove to France for lunch (as one does !!), incredible scenery. On leaving Arties after the 3 nights we drove part way back to the Ferry and stopped at Sos del re Catolico for our final night, that drive was tough and in temperatures of 35 degrees plus. Many TR's (us included) suffered fuel vaporisation that day and unable to do much about it other than let fuel & supply lines etc cool down for an hour or so at the roadside. Next day all was well and we drove to Bilbao for the overnight Ferry back to Portsmouth. Upon return to Portsmouth the Tour disbanded, though Jean and I drove to Cornwall for another week touring around there before our drive back to Norfolk. We'd done 1800 miles of high speed plus severe hills and hairpins, and the 4a took it all apart from the severe heat on that one day.



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