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About TR Youth

The TR Youth was established to involve the young (and the young at heart) within the TR Register family.

The TR Register supports the TR Youth in developing an identity for young members to interact with; they encourage our enthusiasm and fresh ideas, as they realise we are the future! The TR Register also provides a great source of expertise and advice, and access to numerous events, both nationally and internationally.

You donʼt have to be a TR owner to join the TR Youth; enthusiasm and an interest in TRs is enough to get started!

We do have an age limit - a minimum age of 18 (as some of us do drink and we don't want to encourage underage drinking!), however, the maximum is about how young you feel; if you can stay up past 2am then you're in!

Join us at our next events:

  • 8th - 10th November - Classic Motor Show. Birmingham NEC, UK - Hall 3 stand number 3-162


UK national group for younger members, meetings held throughout the year in different locations. For more information about us and the events, visit our facebook site;

TR Youth Group

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