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Social Scene Report 2nd March 2016

Social Scene Report  2nd March 2016

Ian, Hugh & Martin report -

In January our Annual Awards Lunch was held at the Bear Inn, Burwash. Efficiently organised by Graham (well done that man), there was a record attendance of 51 enthusiasts, plus one dog. It's so good to see the club going from strength to strength. In 2015 Willy kindly took his 3A off the road for a rebuild, allowing Martin to claim the Club Night Attendance trophy. Other awards were collected by Lin & Glynn (BBQ Driving test), Fiona (Top Gear trophy), Caroline L (Photo Competition), George J (Clubman of the Year), George N (Best Presented), Martin (Event Attendance in TR) and Paul L (Horn Push). Didn't they do well? There was a whole host of raffle prizes, ranging from posh cakes to chocolates and garden equipment. Not quite everybody was a winner, but it was close! Willy recited a hilarious story about Rindercella and her sugly isters which had us all in stitches, and, in many cases, tears of laughter. Once again this annual event was a real delight, good company, good food. Excellent!

There has not been much TR Action on the roads in Sussex over the cold, wet, winter months, but work has been going on in its garages. Gearboxes seem to be a popular item, with at least three boxes out for various reasons. Shortly after my Social Scene deadline we are having a Chailey club night with a difference - not at Chailey, but at Wheelbarrow Farm - where Derek will be helping us refine our MIG welding techniques. More about that in the next Social Scene.

February club nights at Chailey and Netherfield both involved motor quizzes. John's multiple choice quiz at Chailey resulted in much head scratching and a lot of guessing. The final joint victors, by a single point, were team Willy & Des and team Hugh & George, who very kindly shared their high energy tasty prizes with one and all. Well done! Netherfield club night saw Neil as quiz master and this quiz too was a great success, with 14 attendees and lots of laughs and banter. The ultimate winners were Tony and Colin, each taking home a large Toblerone as the prize for their efforts. Many thanks to George for providing the questions, despite feeling unwell.

By the time you read this the clocks will have sprung forward, the weather will be warmer, and many more SDG TRs will be out and about. Both club nights in April will feature Steve, providing a presentation on the Lucas PI system, including theory, problems and solutions. On Saturday 23rd April we will be supporting the Chailey Bonfire Society St Georges Day event, which is held just across the road from the Horns Lodge. Come along for some spring time fun. The very next day is Drive It Day, at Redhill Aerodrome in Surrey. May is a very busy month, starting with Eastbourne Magnificent Motors on the 1st, and then a run from the Horns Lodge on the 10th. Keep an eye on on for more details.

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