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Meet the Team

Steve Young - SDG Group Leader

I have been a Triumph and TR enthusiast for all of my life. For many years I had a part-restored TR2 which I eventually had to part with. My current stable includes a TR2, TR250 and a TR6. The 250 was a non-runner and the 6 was a 14 year barn find. Both have been completely rebuilt in my ownership.


John Bancroft - Committee Member & Treasurer

Owner of a 1970 White TR 6 "I just love the sound of a well-tuned Triumph 6 cylinder-a love that goes back to 1966!"

Married to Sue for 50 glorious years who's been very tolerant of the smells of oil and Swarfega. Other interests include all things musical.


Ian Squire - Committee Member & TR Action Social Scene Reporter

Has owned his TR5 since 1997.

If all goes well the rolling restoration should be complete by 2035!

Enjoys home improvements, but starts more projects than he finishes. Prefers country to city, and loves a good blast down country lanes in the Sussex sunshine.


Peter Ward-Booth - Committee member

I have a TR5 for the last year but being a slow learner this is my 3rd TR, Tr4A & TR6. Having owned a few classic cars, I find TR’s have the right mixture of uniqueness and usability. I have learnt beautiful classic cars don’t work in my hands as they are too precious to enjoy. I feel they should be used but not abused. Don't forget the original build quality is such that we will always working on them!


Glynn Boyd - Committee member


Martin Jane - Committee Member

Owner of a White TR6 and a Pale Blue TR4

As to my interests,

they centre mainly around cars in general and mine in particular, including my military lightweight land rover, and my smallholding, to include gardening and keeping livestock, pigs, sheep and chickens.

But of course most of my time is directed at making my wife's life just a bed of roses.


Des Noble - Committee Member

I'm in my late seventies and indulging in retirement.

I started my working life, post graduate in Mech Eng, with a two year post graduate training course at British Leyland where in those days you spent a year on the shop floor including the apprentice school starting with a file before working on the various assembly lines.

During this time I bought my first TR, a TR3A with a broken crankshaft. This was in 1969, it was my every day transport and is the TR I still own. I've owned two other TRs a TR7 early hard top which I wrote off and a 1980 TR7 drop head. The drop head I ran as my everyday car for about 15 years.

Finally after retirement I managed the long time chassis up rebuild on my TR3A I had been promising myself for about forty years.


South Downs Group

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