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TRaction 287 report

Hi everyone

As the show season has more or less finished and many cars gone into hibernation until the warmer weather returns, we are fortunate in Somerset to have the Haynes Classic car breakfast hosted by the motor museum. On the first Sunday of the month enthusiasts can still get their classic car fix by popping along to Sparkford. It's surprising what comes along even when the roads are less than enticing.

Soon we will be heading off into another new year. It seems like only yesterday that I took over leadership of Somerset Triumphs not a year ago. I cannot complain about the amount of support I have received from fellow members and with plenty of new faces in the group we had a very successful year in 2015.

The weather had a hand in disrupting a few of our events but us hardened TR nuts battled through wind and rain to our various runs and shows.

So on to the New Year, we have plans already afoot.

We have a group already booked to travel to Jersey for the international festival of motoring, which we have attended in previous years. Its sees some of St.Hellier's main roads closed for events such as quarter mile sprints and hill climbs and the people's park turned into a classic car park.

Our normal shows and runs will be looked at later in the year, keep an eye on our website for details if you wish to join us whether you live in the area or are passing through.

All that remains is for me to wish everyone a happy New Year and see you soon.


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