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About Northumbria

The Northumbria Group of the Register was founded in 1973 by TR owners in the region to bring together and promote the interests of TR enthusiasts in the North of England.

Formed initially by a small band of side screen owners, the group has grown to involve over 100 members of the Register spread between County Durham and the Borders. Now encompassing all models from TR2 to TR8, the Group is part of a vibrant classic car movement in the North East and is active in demonstrating the value of the traditional TR sports car to that movement.

Liaising with adjacent groups, Northumbria Group endeavors to provide a reference point for anyone with an interest in TRs whether it is for technical information, outings or social activities. To fulfill this objective member's participation involves:-

  • Twice-monthly club nights (from 8pm)
    April to September; these are held at various locations throughput the North East (see social scene for annual listings).
    October to March; these are held at the Twin Farms, Kingston Park (1st Wednesday) & the Bowes Incline Hotel (3rd Wednesday).
  • Convoy runs
  • Exhibitions and show outings

The Group activities each year include a regular convoy to the International Weekend, the Register's annual meeting in July, local convoy runs on club nights, day trips in the magnificent N.E. countryside and continental tours.

All events made more enjoyable through the confidence of having like-minded enthusiasts supporting the use of TRs alongside them.


Why not come along to one of our twice-monthly meetings throughout the year (for 8pm). Fixed meetings between October and March (see above for where & when).

Twin Farms, 22 Main Road, Kenton Bank Foot, NE13 8AB
Bowes Incline Hotel, Northside, Birtley, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, DH3 1RF

Or contact one of the committee members.

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Northumbria Group

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