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TR Nene Valley Social Scene 296

TR Nene Valley Social Scene 296

As I write Nene Valley is preparing for a good number of events in 2017 and hoping to link with other local groups so that the fun factor is mutiplied. Mike Scott is our new Treasurer and I have taken on the position of Group Leader. Working with all our group members, we will do our best to make this year a good one, with plenty of activities going on for us all to enjoy.

We are all extremely grateful to Rob Isaacson for his work as Group Leader for almost a decade-an outstanding achievement. Rob has worked hard on behalf of us all over that time and will, of course, continue to contribute massively to all we undertake in his inimitable and much appreciated way!

To end this account I have some sad news. Nene Valley TR Group Leader before Rob accepted the role in 2008 was Brian Sanders. Sadly, Brian passed away in January. He organised and participated in numerous activities as Group Leader and will be sorely missed by many friends in our group-and beyond. Our thoughts and condolences are with Brian's family and it is fitting that I end with an image from back then of Brian enjoying his TR.

Phil Pope

Nene Valley Group

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