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TR Action London Group Report for issue 302

TR Action London Group Report for issue 302

I always thought that Autumn marked a slowing down of the TR activities – How wrong am I?

The first day of the month saw a select group brave the early morning weather and head up to the Bicester Scramble. It was particularly good to see Francis up there, although sadly not with his TR Also of course as Bicester is slap bang in the middle of the Chilterns area it was good to see a strong showing of TRs from the Chiltern Group even if Peter had forgotten their flag! The following Thursday saw our first proper outing to the Star in Malden Rushett not only had the pub organised parking for us but they had also reserved an area for us in the bar. Please note; From January 2018 this will be the location of our Group meetings for our regular 2nd group meeting on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Then 3 days later another early start to get to the Castle Coombe Classic Race day, what a day it was with close racing on the circuit, the odd spill and an incredible selection of rarities both in the car park and on the track. Also, a mention of the wonderful cake selection that the Glavon Group had brought must be made – superb! Yum yum. The following week on the Sunday, 9 cars headed off to the Parrot Inn on the borders of the Surrey Hills. Within one of the vehicles a plastic bag containing pre-drilled and threaded conkers all ready for instant battle, had been secreted. First though a wonderful (if a little circuitous) drive and a superb meal (which I REALLY enjoyed) had to be despatched. Then once all were satisfied, into garden and battle commenced. I am honestly not sure who "won",some of the conkers showed a resilience that frankly we are un accustomed to and I know that standing on the conkers aided the termination of some hostilities, but my goodness it was a laugh. The next Thursday saw us at the Rose of York for our Group meeting and then finally the last Sunday of October was the Brooklands Breakfast meet. Another early start saw us occupy our 10-car area and everyone had too much to eat for breakfast. Brooklands is becoming very impressive. You can generally find us on the first Thursday of every month at the Rose of York in Richmond or on the third Thursday at an alternative venue (keep an eye on the web site - both now start from about 9:00pm, finally the plans for New Year's Day are well advanced, also another Bicester Scramble in January is planned and the date for the winter Health check is 20th January and is filling up fast.

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