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TR Action Report London Group presented for issue 286 - but unpublished

TR Action Report London Group  presented for issue 286 - but unpublished

We've missed three issues on the trot (well sort of, our editor understands), but anyway no reports doesn't equal nothing going on in the London Group. July & August were both very busy months, whilst from a group perspective September was a little quieter. Now I know its late to be talking about the IWE & Silverstone, but we were one of the last groups still "standing" on both Friday & Saturday night with a roaring fire still going strong in to early hours with drinks, snacks and plenty of drunken banter (I particularly liked those teddies btw Steve very nice, especially with a bottle of Bushmills by the side). On Saturday night (Sunday Morning) Mervyn and his mate toddled over from the bar after it had closed, entertaining us for a good while before toddling off again down the hill. Wayne and his entourage also joined us for a while, all very pleasant. In fact the IWE was a very pleasant experience for the London Group, we all enjoyed the Friday night, the quizzes were great and the free bar was a brilliant way of getting EVERYONE together. On Saturday we had a lovely Curry in town before returning to camp late. The only downer was really due to Steve (Bamforth's) eagerness to join us at his first IWE that in his haste he turned right out of a car park by a bollard a little too sharply, I believe though that the wing replacement subsequently fitted is a perfect colour match. All credit to Steve though he took all the supportive banter in his stride. The week before was the Silverstone Classic, the first time the London Group has attended and many lessons were learnt whilst enjoying ourselves. The week before that we had had our annual Beer & Skittles camping weekend with the Glavon Group, during which apart from Jerry West totally dominating the skittles the other memorable event was the beautiful drive out over the Cotswolds organised by Andy West of Glavon Group, a good turn out and the beautiful weather made for a great weekend. By the time you read this we will have had our 2nd BHP shoot out of the year so by the next issue we will know who guessed their BHP right, who got it the most wrong, who has the lowest BHP and finally who has the highest!" You can find us on the first Thursday of every month at the Rose of York in Richmond or on the third Thursday at an alternative venue (keep your eye on the web site) - both kick off at around 9.00pm. You will be made most welcome

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