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TR Action Report London Group presented for issue 285 - but unpublished

TR Action Report London Group  presented for issue 285 - but unpublished

What has the London Group been up to? Well, after a very successful trip to SPA Franco champs we fixed our cars – well I fixed mine after the Diff had exploded on the way back! A select few attended the Silverstone gathering, some camping, some in more exotic dwellings but all reported that they had a good time. Then the following weekend we set off to the Cotswolds for our Annual Beer & Skittles weekend with the Glavon Group. We were joined at the campsite for the duration by Andy & Jill West of the Glavon Group and I really have to thank Andy for a wonderful drive out on the Saturday, not only had he worked out a glorious route on those beautiful roads, but also booked our table for lunch in a great little pub. After which he took us to the top of the world…….In the evening of course we had our skittles competition complete with a putter upper and a superb Buffet supplied by the pub. Which of course is where the campsite is situated. The outstanding performance of the night was undoubtedly Jerry West or Jezza as he is better known, he not only completed a complete strike knocking everything down, but then did it again and again!!! Clearly the outstanding winner. Before breakfast on the following day the Sunday the rain came, in heavy stair rods. So the Pub campsite saw tents being dragged under the gazebo for packing and envious eyes being directed at Andy & Jill's caravan! However the highlight of the morning involved almost the whole group engaged in some rather nifty gazebo packing, actually packing it into the TR that was situated underneath it, the deft use of numerous large umbrellas meant that the rag top could be fitted dry. Sorted! With that on, we said goodbye to the Pub/Campsite for another year and travelled off to the newly refurbished Haynes Motor museum in Sparkford. We had arranged to meet up with the Windsor Forest Group, who co-incidentally were having a drive out there the same day. Also John Millward who wanted to see the newly revamped Museum was also heading down from London. Unfortunately with the stair rods still rapidly falling and the car park full, no TR group shots were really appropriate. But we all met up in the Museum had a natter and a bite to eat then in the pouring rain we left John and some of the Windsor Forest Group to explore as we all headed home. A special mention must go to the intrepid Alan Jones in his TR3A, who travelled the whole route in the pouring rain with no roof- FanTastic! You can find us on the first Thursday of every month at the Rose of York in Richmond or on the third Thursday at an alternative venue (keep your eye on the web site) - both kick off at around 8.30pm now we are in BST! You will be made most welcome!

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