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TR Action Report London Group presented for issue 280

TR Action Report London Group  presented for issue 280

Wow 2015 already, we must be really enjoying ourselves, we already have or first event under our belt, in fact a New Year's Day drive out, but more about that in next month's report. So what did December bring the London Group? Well apart from organising SPA, Pub Runs, Group Camping weekends, updating the website and finally fixing our Picasa web pages we had events. December 4th was the first, it was our first Group Meeting of the month and so was held as usual at our Home the Rose of York Richmond, as ever it was a good turnout, Thank you. Later in the month the second event and what turned out to be a pretty major event. It was in fact our second Group meeting of the Month. The third Thursday of the month would usually be held at an Alternative location, but it was decided to return to the Rose of York and this time have a bit of a party. Why? Because it was …… The Last Group Meeting of 2014!! The Rose of York laid in a huge buffet ranging from stuffed peppers to good old mince pies! The beer and the banter flowed with a great turnout that turned into a really memorable night. I think the Last Group Meeting of the year will in future be celebrated with a buffet and a bit of a party.

Of course the main event of the month was the Christmas Party, in fact it was the main topic of a lot of the conversation at the Last Group Meeting as it followed only 2 days later, the fancy dress theme, Bond, James Bond.

Dinner suits abounded, a White Pussy cat was stroked many times, Bond Girls strode around and many a Bond Villain arrived. The party was held at the Ostrich, Colnbrook which claims to be the 3rd oldest pub in England dating from the 12th Century. Apart from Traditional Christmas food, we had a slide show of all our activities in 2014, what is now a traditional music intro quiz and a set of feely bags were passed around. The real highlight of the evening though was the Award Presentations. For 2014 Alan Jones was rightly awarded the TR Nut, 122 JKT and Alan's smiling face has been a regular feature on all of our many runs and I know Alan will be busy with us in 2015, by the way he's also March in our 2015 calendar. Piston from above was presented to Gerry Byrne, this following his trials and tribulations since the return of his beloved TR4A registration TTR4A from refurbishment. Then came the hotly contested Dipstick Award. As the name suggests (as do all of our Awards NUT Piston etc.) the Dipstick is presented to the member who has exhibited tendencies, to be a bit of a….Dipstick! At this point the presentations (being made by my good self) were hijacked. Jean Parkinson and Sarah Ockendon the Group Secretary stood up and proceeded to list my own misdemeanours of 2014, these included getting lost leading a convoy in France, getting a speeding ticket in France, leaving my passport in a Hotel room, losing my wallet, forgetting to tighten my wheel nuts, leaving my jacket in a bar these are the few that I can recall and despite my feeble protests as in reality I cannot deny any of them and to great applause and cheering in agreement from the assembled traitors, I was presented with the Dipstick Award!!

The final award of the night though was a special Award, a Pewter Tankard recognising the exceptional and I do mean exceptional practical help that the recipient has offered to members over the years. The Award was presented was presented to Roger Hogarth. Without doubt one of the most deserved Awards of the night. So many of us have benefited not only from Roger's encyclopaedic knowledge but also his practical Help.

So what does 2015 hold for us, well in fact many things. Check out the website, come and join us, even just for a noggin and a natter over a drink, you can be sure of a warm welcome. You can find us on the first Thursday of any month at the Rose of York Richmond or on the Third Thursday but that will be at an Alternative venue (keep your eye on the website) – both kick off at around 9.00pm

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