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Leicestershire TR Group hosts Register members at Donington Historic Festival

Leicestershire TR Group hosts Register members at Donington Historic Festival

We had a modest turnout of TRs for the Donington Historic Festival this year but that did not stop people having a great weekend or day out. The racing was excellent from Mad Jack, pre-war cars driven by lunatics, up to demonstration laps from famous Formula 1 cars. One of the best races was the pre-1966 saloon cars with big Mk 2 Jaguars battling against tiny A35s, Standard 10s, Morris Minors and the winner was a superb A40, brilliant racing. The classic touring cars continued to thrill spectators with more than a few gentle shoves and some spectacular offs. There was a bigger field of competitors in more races than previous years so this event is growing a lot of support from the racing community. The LTRG flew the flag for the TR Register and provided tea, coffee and some rather out of date biscuits for members far and wide. We even had a lovely couple from Germany join us on the stand in their interesting TR4 with a prototype fuel injection system from way back, and not made by Lucas.

Kat drove her TR6 to the track on the Saturday and was given a parade lap by a member who arrived too late to get his TR6 into the in-field parking. Kat took his passenger Steve, a photographer and video maker round the laps and you can see the result here: She had a great time as the parade lap turned into a track lap as the cars became separated. She even overtook a TR4A on the exit of the chicane, much to the annoyance of its driver as he saw her lining the manoeuvre up and did all he could to prevent it. She had a big smile on her face.

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