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Paul Hogan visits Leicestershire TR Group meeting

Paul Hogan visits Leicestershire TR Group meeting

We were honoured to receive a visit from club chairman Paul Hogan as he tries to meet many of the members around the country. We had 32 members and 11 TRs to welcome him to the Leicestershire TR Group. Tony lead the normal meeting reviewing recent events and plans for the future. He then asked Paul to address the members. Paul highlighted some of the exciting things happening in the club in particular the new format for the International Weekend. This will be a bigger event than ever before as we have partnered with a local media company who ran a large car event last year at Lincoln Showground. This will help spread the message that TRs are an affordable and great classic car to own and the TR Register is officially the best car club in the UK. There will be lots more to do and see, not just some sparkling TRs. Camping will be secure and all the usual favourite TR events will be just the same, including the free beer on Friday evening.

Paul was asked a few questions, one of which was about the workings of the management team and could members get to see board meeting minutes. Paul responded that efforts are already underway to improve visibility of the management team workings and he would continue to drive openness and transparency, as much as possible.

Tony thanked him for his visit. The meeting was closed by celebrating Tony's birthday with some cake made by Ruth.

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