Lea Valley Group Report - 326 - December 2020

Lea Valley Group Report - 326 - December 2020

#326 – LVG Social Scene Report

Report from Group Leader Pierre MILES

What interesting times these are! So much happening in the world – everywhere except in the world of enjoying our cars. No events and making the most of things like electronic messaging and virtual meetings – is there anybody who actually likes them? I certainly do not, if only because I get concerned about their security as it seems as during the week or so after a Zoom or Webex Meeting, the Junk folder on my computer receives many more messages than before the meetings. Am I alone in experiencing this? Virtual meetings can be useful in some circumstances and are certainly better than not having any meeting or going back to pre-internet days and having to use the postal service. One pleasurable zoom experience though was a virtual session the other week centred on a quiz – complete with prize. We will be repeating this in a few days and hope for more to join in. Unfortunately, the participation level for all of our sessions has been very low, for reasons that as yet are not known. If it is anything to do with TR withdrawal problems, then why not sit in your TR for the Zoom – I did and as long as there is adequate lighting in the garage or wherever you stash your car, it works pretty well and certainly shows some commitment to the car.

Time for me to move on with an attempt to describe LVG other activities during recent weeks shouldn’t take long! However, I could give you an extended run down on our newsletter, called TRunnion which is available for all to read on the LVG website accessible from the TRR website. This is edited by Chris Glasbey who is well known to many in the TRR since his entry into the world of TRs and the club several decades ago. Pre-Covid this was published every 8 weeks or so to a really high standard that somehow he has managed to maintain, while at the same time moving to publishing a volume every month. As we all know communication is vital to keeping the community together and his efforts are doing a brilliant job at achieving this. Of course, he depends to some extent on receiving articles from the membership and so far enough stuff has been coming in to keep him busy and able to fill 20+ pages every month and to a very high standard of presentation as well.

Earlier this year the HERO/ERA organisations held over several weeks a series of Virtual Table Top rallies to raise money for the NHS Charities Together and for a separate scheme that brings young people into classic car maintenance and employment. A total of around £20,000 was raised from participants from all around the world. The reason I raise this again is that they are holding more challenges over 3 weeks beginning mid-November although it is possible to join the event at any time during its progress. It costs £6/week. You do not have to have any experience in rally navigating, but you will learn pretty quickly. Assuming it is run in exactly the same way as before, all you need is a computer an an email account to receive the info and to send in your answers. A printer is useful but not essential. Understanding left and right is essential though, as is an attention to detail. This is the link to the front page for the website: www. // Go on. Give it a go. It certainly helps the time fly by.

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