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Kennet Valley TR Group learn about Defibrillators & CPR November Club Night

Kennet Valley TR Group learn about Defibrillators & CPR November Club Night

Kennet Valley TR Group members learned about Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and use of defibrillators at their November Club Night, Neil Carter MIFireE, Group Manager Service Delivery - Reading and West Berkshire, Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service gave a presentation and demonstration of CPR and familiarised KVG members with defibriilators and how to use them with the aim to provide members with just enough knowledge to lift your confidence enough to take action. You can see Neil in his Firefighter kit below.

Did you know that the average survival rate of cardiac arrest in the UK is as low as 8% with only 30-40% of bystanders intervening when they witness a collapse. Neil gave guidance on how to recognise when CPR is needed on a demonstration manakin called Darren, how and where on the body to give CPR and then how to use and apply the defibrilltor.

Members were then encourage to have ago themselves on Darren and to experience just how hard and physical CPR is especially keeping up to the 30/2 ratio (30 compressions 2 breathes) to the rhythm of 'Nellie the Elephant' or 'Staying Alive'.


Kennet Valley TR Group would like to extend a BIG THanks to Neil for his time and informative and professionally presented presentation, a copy of which you can download here: Familiarisation-on-Defibrillators-and-CPR.pdf and of course to BERKSHIRE FIRE & RESCUE for their dedication and service to the community.

Phil Horsley then presented the club events and affairs and reminded members of KVG's next event, the mid monthly at The Cottage, see here: November Mid Monthly. Kennet Valley TR Group also welcomed back into the TR Register, Piers Bridgeman-Williams who has recently moved into the area with his TR6 and is looking for another TR as a project. Here is the club night presentation for those members who could not attend the evening. 11.-Club-Night-Agenda-01-11-17.pdf

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