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About Isle of Wight TRs

The Isle of Wight TRs due to its geography, is the smallest TR Group in the Country, we are a group of members, who support and attend classic car events on our beautiful Isle of Wight with our TR’s and UK mainland.

We have a lot of visiting TR Register Groups and other car who clubs come over to see the island and tour its wonderful sites and roads. We are quite unique and have some unusual plays on words for towns on the island.

There are Seven Wonders of the Isle of Wight you can visit:

  • Needles you can't thread.
  • Ryde where you walk.
  • Newport you can't bottle.
  • Freshwater you can't drink.
  • Cowes you can't milk.
  • A Lake where there's no water.
  • A Newchurch that's old.

There are great beaches to visit, wonderful scenic routes around the island with great viewpoints as well as good restaurants and pubs to enjoy.

The island is one of the most well-known and richest areas for the interesting dinosaur history. There has been recorded over 20 species of dinosaurs recognised on the coast of the island, with some being discovered for the first time there!

If your Group is considering visiting the island, we can advise and give you and your members a tour around the island, and if you have ‘break down’ suggest a local garage, a possible fix or offer a safe place to store the car until it is recovered.

If you would like more information about the Isle of Wight please contact us and we can pop some brochures in the post to you.

Best wishes,

Paul ‘Pinky’ White.

Isle of Wight TRs Group

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