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Social Scene 332

Social Scene 332

Allan Jezzard Writes:

Yes, normality does appear to be returning. The group enjoyed a second Show; the Saffron Walden annual “Cars on the Common” on Sunday 8th August. Although at the previous Cressing Temple Barns event, we had no warning of what would happen, at Saffron Walden we did. In technical talk the weather was “changeable” to my mind it was “threatening”. The wind was blowing a hooley and the clouds were organising themselves into very worrying shapes and colours. At the best of times erecting our gazebo can be a trying exercise especially if our volunteers are new to the job. With howling winds and the need for a quick erection, the problems become more critical but when first one guy rope snaps, then another and another; well you can imagine. This is where the ingenuity of old car owners reveals itself. A somewhat ragged tow rope was retrieved from a boot, one end attached to the gazebo and the other secured under the wheel of a TR4A. It quickly became clear that all the guy ropes had rotted and could be broken easily between the hands and without more there was no hope of our temporary home remaining on terra firma. Fortunately, two of our members live a short walk away so Wendy, and for moral support Veronica, set off to rescue some strong nylon garden twine from Alan’s shed. The rest of us held on tight. Finally using the twine and some nearby trees, the structure was deemed secure; we could now enjoy the Show. Very good it was too.
The International, sorry the Triumph and MG Weekend, was next and about 20 East Saxons members made the journey. Myself and Veronica accompanied Judy and Bob Moss and Lisa and Chris Parker as after the show we were staying on for a few days touring. I thought the show was much like previous years but with the addition of those other cars but unfortunately with the absence of representation from major suppliers and our foreign friends. Sincere thanks must go to Pete and Mandy Leslie whose 6 spat out its thrust washers the Thursday previously. Putting the disappointment behind them, however, they agreed to transport our aforementioned gazebo and various other necessary items to the show and even helped erect it all on the Friday evening before dinner. It really wasn’t fair that some people saw fit to ridicule the model name of their car when it performed such a sterling service for the group.
The Tewin Show on 22nd August is next up which in previous years has proved very popular. Then on 5th September, another favourite, the Essex Classic Vehicle Show at Colchester Castle Park and a week later Jan and Alan Saville open up their garden and farm for a picnic. Here’s hoping our summer lasts for a little longer and covid stays at bay.
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