Social Scene 323

Social Scene 323

Allan Jezzard writes:-

I think Frank De’Ath (Camb Followers Social Scene last issue) put it into words nicely, ”I am rather hoping that one day I will have some events to report on”.

We are currently liaising with the management of our erstwhile meeting places, and plans are in place but everything is untested. Will it work?

Despite Veronica doubting that the rear end of the six would ever go back together and still look like a six, it has and it does! At one stage I think I was in danger of releasing some of my precious Lucas Smoke, but my latest toy, a multimeter, is beginning to earn its keep; I could afford seeing myself developing into a fairly slick “sparks” but perhaps that is as fanciful as being able to return Lucas Smoke into a loom.

At least I have been able to have a couple of runs in the TR and to be honest, I couldn’t fault it, I still have jobs to do but they don’t affect the performance. I need door cards but would like to see them before investing and without any specialists within a reasonable travelling distance, they are proving difficult to source.

With delay after delay and broken promises, our Events Co-ordinator, Alan Short, has at last found a nice man who has said he can cure his TR’s acne. He has been left in limbo for far too long while promises were broken not as some people thought, waiting to see if it healed up on its own?

I spoke to John Clark recently and I am pleased to report that his health seems very much better and he is close to being able to take the Pimento six out; throughout his confinement he has been starting it periodically. Let’s hope that come the day, it doesn’t misbehave.

Chris Russell’s 4A receives regular attention and improvement as Chris applies his considerable engineering skills and imagination to the on-going exercise. The cooling system is the latest to be given the treatment being converted to fully sealed operation. Plus of course, he continues to use his considerable IT skills to add interest to our website.

Until next time when hopefully our discussions with our various Land Lords/Ladies will have brought some fresh opportunities for our meetings, I wish you well and keep up to date at “

East Saxons Group

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