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TR Action 322

TR Action 322

Coronavirus update: as I write this in mid-May, the restrictions have been lifted slightly and I guess a number of us have taken the opportunity to drive our cars out for essential supplies or to travel to a place of exercise. The weather has certainly been perfect for it and I must admit that I too have ventured out earlier today; having fitted a new radiator and wanting to check that everything was water tight. All went well and it was most enjoyable but one does feel quite conspicuous, it’s hard to be discrete in a TR! I know that other Devon members have been taking the opportunity to tidy up a few outstanding jobs on their cars too and hopefully, we’ll all be ready when the time comes.

There have unfortunately been a number of larger events that have been cancelled along the way, including our own Triumph Weekend in August, but this is necessarily so and we mustn’t lose sight of, and be grateful for, the ongoing hard work of the NHS, carers and front-line workers that are helping to manage the situation.

One event that was cancelled was Drive it Day but across the country there was a determined effort to capture images of our cars. In Devon, our Social Secretary Paul, collected an excellent number of pictures sent in by you and produced a short video to some appropriate background music. So thank you to you all for sending in your pictures and a special thank you to Paul who spent an age creating the video.

The Office has also been working hard to keep us all up to date with just recently, your latest copy of TR Action, a number of e-Updates and a broadcasting on social media of the presentations made at the 50th Anniversary 2020 celebration at Hopcroft’s Holt in January. Hopefully, you’re receiving the emails from me and from the Office and you’ve had chance to see the 50th Anniversary video if not, please get in touch so I can see if I can help.

In place of our regular Club night meetings, we’ve now had two successful Zoom meetings. These are happening every 2 weeks and last for around an hour. I send out a specific invitation with joining details for these, so if you aren’t receiving these invitations and would like to join in, please do contact me. I’m pleased to say that last time we gathered together 21 members and wives and it was nice to see you all for a bit of a chat, then enjoying a couple of short videos hosted by Dennis, before talking about our logo. So much so that we ran out of time to look at my little emoji quiz, which will be carried over ‘till next time.

I’m keen to update our Devon logo that has been around for some 36 years apparently. Following some initial design ideas from Paul, we’ve now got some options drawn up professionally by Pete Stewart and we’re homing in on a likely new logo for the Devon Group. I will be sending a few of these latest designs out to our Devon members to ‘take a vote’ before adopting the winner later this year, so please look out for that email too.

Until next time, look after yourselves, Alan

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