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TR Action 304

TR Action 304

In January, a number of Devon members attended the Limpley Stoke Christmas Party in Bath once more and a very good time was had by those of us there. Check out our Facebook Group for some embarrassing pictures!

Meetings – a reminder - Our programme of events has started and our developing programme for 2018 is available on our Devon TR Register webpage. You should have noticed by now that our regular meeting programme has been changed for this year in line with the debates at this year's AGM. Now running on the 1st THURSDAY of the month meeting at the Rising Sun, Woodland and the 2nd FRIDAY of the month we will meet at the Half Way House, Willand.

February saw the first of our Thursday night meetings at the Rising Sun and my, what a turn out we had, some 25 Devon members and partners attended and we spilled out from the newly allocated seating area around the fireplace. Plenty of chatting and catching up was done and a good night was had. Our programme of lunch events for 2018 is now underway, having been to the Elizabethan in February and about to enjoy our second event, this time at the London Inn, Morchard Bishop.

We have a few new members to the Devon Group whom I've exchanged emails with and so welcome to Steve Carter (TR6 – and who came along to say hello at our first Thursday night meeting too) and also welcome to Pete Robinson (TR4A), Martin Hill (TR6) and Brian Emmett (TR6). Welcome to Devon Group we look forward to catching up with you.

I'm very pleased to report that a number of members have stepped forward and offered to help organise our lunchtime events and so please do check out the remaining dates on our programme for you to choose from as I'll be catching up with you soon.

Our TRR Devon Facebook page is gaining momentum with over 27 members now signed up and keeping themselves up to date and successfully selling a few TR related items too. Please contact me if you want more details and how to sign up.

In the Garage – hopefully you've had plenty of opportunities for putting together a little article for our newsletter, so please do send content and some pictures through to Andrew or me.

I've mentioned before that if you're not receiving emails from me, to keep you up to date with events and our newsletter, please do get in touch so that I can add you to my mailing list. My contact details are here in the magazine.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon. Alan

Upcoming events:

22nd April – Drive it Day – TR Register, Southern Region event

13th May - Killerton Car Show

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