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Social Scene Report - TR Action Issue 321

TR Action 321

Publication Date: Mon 11th May 2020

Derbyshire Dales Group Social Scene Contribution

Alan Ford reports:

Perforce this report is necessarily thin of content, being written just three weeks into the Covid-19 lockdown; no doubt that there has been plenty of activity taking place within the Derbyshire Dales Group, but equally there is no doubt it has all been taking place on our members’ driveways and inside their garages – out of sight and out of mind of this scribe.

In terms of activities prior to the lockdown, some of our members were able to join the Leicester, Lincolnshire, Nene and Trent Groups in the TR Register 50th Anniversary photoshoot at Beaumanor Hall, Leicestershire, where they were favoured by a good weather window in a period of heavy rains and grey skies. Going forward, one of the main Derbyshire Dales events, the Derbyshire Dales Weekend, has necessarily been cancelled due to the uncertainty following what is hoped to be a let-up of the Covid-19 precautions. Cancelling was a wise and inevitable decision by the Group, and it is to be hoped that the detailed preparations by Dave Warne and his team will hold good for next year.

We do have some major car-based projects which have benefitted from our enforced close activity. John B has completed the ground-floor-up restoration of his Austin Healey 3000 Mk11, this now being registered, insured and road-ready. This was originally an ex-USA import, and he has managed to get a period correct registration subject to an inspection visit from a verification company under the direction of the DVLA.

Alan H is not far behind with the ground-floor-up restoration of his TR4a, who estimates that one week of intensive work could see this project completed and road-ready. However, with at least nine weeks of lockdown ahead, he is in no rush to complete just yet.

Dave A is in the very early stages of a total refurbishment of his long-term ownership TR6, with the car up on stands and all the major lumps and bits removed.

Steve B, meanwhile, has been working on his red TR 250 throughout the winter, installing a new, tuned motor and embarking on a bare metal respray of the body. Still at the bare-metal stage, this is another project grateful for the time afforded by the lockdown.

Jim T’s TR6 is progressing well. The body is in final paint and is, in the main, fully assembled but is now undergoing the long slog of fine detail and close attention with one main problem; does anyone know how to remedy the consequence of his daughter’s cat having relieved itself on the very expensive mohair hood? It looks like a new replacement may well be on order. Meanwhile Jim is learning to talk more sweetly to the cat. If he can.

So, by the time you read this we should, hopefully, be within shouting distance of the end of the lockdown; at least two of our project cars will be revving and raring to go; and the rest of us will be aching to get our cars out after the longest winter/spring/summer lay-ups that we have ever experienced. From the perspective of early April when this was written, it is anybody’s guess what the country will look like after the 12 weeks lockdown. Certainly a new word has entered into common vernacular; who would have expected the use of ‘furloughed’ outside of military parlance? Hopefully , though, we will all be well and that those who caught the virus have recovered. In the meantime, stay well and stay safe.

Forthcoming Events:

All dates are subject to review depending on the progress of the coronavirus and the control measures in place at the time of going to press.

Wed 10th June: Club Night – venue to be confirmed – CHECK WITH THE DD WEBPAGES THAT THIS EVENT IS STILL RUNNING

Fri 12th to Sun 14th June: Derbyshire Dales Weekend – CANCELLED

Wed 8th July: Club Night – BBQ courtesy of Darren Salmon et al.

Sun 26th July: Sunday Run courtesy of Jim & Chris Tully

Wed 12th August: Club Night & Bring & Buy Event – venue to be confirmed.

Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd August: TR Register 50th Anniversary Celebrations and pig roast at the Manifold Inn, Hulme End, in conjunction with the Leicester, Lincolnshire Nene Valley & Trent Groups.

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