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Tel;- 01228 380688 25th Jan 2018.

TR Register Cumbria Group,

"Si fractum non sit, noli id reficere"

Greetings Cumbria Group,

Newsletter 1/18.

Let me open by wishing each and every one of you a happy, healthy 2018, may our TR'ing together reach new heights.

Must start with a grateful thanks to Dave Couling, for putting together our final event of 2017, namely our fine dining at Lyzzic Hall, greatest numbers we have

ever had, seems to confirm that it is a smashing event to round off our year, so Thank You David.

Weather was a bit mixed on New Years Day, top down all through the Lakes, 'En Route' to Newby Bridge, but the same could not be said for the return, Armageddon springs to mind, still, good to meet new faces, and touch base with a couple of folk we have not seen for awhile.

One week later and our year proper, 'Opener', with lunch with Jim and Anne, always a cracker, this, home cooking on a basis that needs to be enjoyed to be

understood, simply exquisite............and that should be bring us bang up to date.

I have finally - read - very finally, managed to confirm The hydro, for our AGM on

Sunday February 4th, not the onerous event it used to be, with members queuing to offer to organise an event, and 90% of this years programme, sorted at the November

meet. All you need do, turn up around 12.30, bring any prize you won last year, and we'll put the icing on this years Cumbria Group TR Year.

Just a week later, and we have a crowd heading for Stoneleigh Spares Day, If anyone wants to take advantage of the dealer deals, on offer, we can bring back any, pre ordered items.

A memory jogger, do not Forget we have the option to enjoy the TR Register Spring Ball, - Apr 6th - 8th Based in Chesterfield.

Finally Paul Downs very special TR 3A, is going to be for sale, very soon, this is one hell of a TR!

N.B;- My new landline number, Mobile remains the same.

John Morrison,

Cumbria TRs Group

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