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Social Scene 296

Social Scene 296

Dave Burton says:

Hi fellow followers. Well, following Peter Parkinsons retirement as GL, Trevor Sherwood and I have stepped in as joint Group Leaders, with Alan Burwood looking after the funds as treasurer. We are again setting up an events committee who will meet in early February to plan the years program.

At our AGM, we presented Peter with various gifts including a model TR4.(See photo social scene 295) and Trevor composed and presented an Ode which I think says it all –

Ode to our Group Leader

Peters years in charge, have been ones of glory,

And rather than just say, Thanks,

I'm going to tell you a short story.

Please don't groan, it won't take me an age.

Look at this! I've only written one page.

Camb Followers as a group, had ceased to function,

It needed a leader with wit, balls and gumption.

Although acting alone would not have been folly,

Resurrection commenced with our friend Duncan Jolly.

Duncan needed a successor, a man he could trust,

TR knowledge and good humour, both were a must.

It had to be someone who's skills were in keeping,

Step forward the great man, from Market Deeping.

Good looking, fun and friendly, now this bit is tricky

'cos I'm not talking of Peter, I'm talking of Vicky.

Without her support, it would have been tough,

But her encouragement and loyalty was more than enough.

Camb Followers revival was still embryonic,

And Peter's leadership was a suitable tonic

The numbers at meetings started to grow,

And the beer and the money both started to flow.

The beer he could cope with, but the money was unruly.

A treasurer would be useful, so along came yours truly


Camb Followers were re-established, their future secure,

and many friendships made will be long to endure.

It's Peter we thank for all his toing and froing,

And Vicki behind him, keeping him going.

Peter's own TR's have been a good mix,

With a 2 and a 7, but his favourite's the 6.

He always looks after it, and treats it with pride,

Except once down at Malvern, when we were out for a ride.

Hard braking was needed, you couldn't blame the weather,

Unfortunately there resulted a coming together.

Both cars were sorted without trouble and thrashing,

The late Clive Manvers doing superb metal bashing.

Peter's always willing, to help sort out others cars

And for these endeavours, he still bears the scars.

He represents us at meetings, his work doesn't stop,

a hard working group leader. It's tough at the top.

The events and the years have been many and long,

International camp fires enlivened, by the odd RAF song.

Hill climbs and rallies, breakdowns and car meets,

Malvern floods Le Mans heatwaves, Duxford and French Gites.

Camb Followers outings have been fun for all,

Under Peter's control, we've all had a ball.

So thank you Peter for your efforts and your time,

Years under your leadership have been quite sublime.

The remarks made here are sincere and not hollow.

The only snag is, you'll be a hard act to follow!

Camb Followers Group

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