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Social Scene 295

Social Scene 295

Hi fellow followers. Well, with winter upon us, there has been little activity within the group other than the evening Pub meets which again were well supported. By the time you read this our Group Leader, Peter Parkinson, will have retired after 18 years of tireless service. Vicky has always been by his side in support. We will all miss them but I am sure we will see a lot of them at our various activities and Peter will be about for any advice we may need to keep us on the "straight and narrow". Plans are in place for the future of the group, but Peter will be a difficult act to follow. Details of the new appointments will be given in the next issue following the AGM.

An update on a few of our guys is as follows – John Burningham has finally acquired the TR5 he has been searching for and already has replaced the drive shafts, wheel bearings, brake pads and shoes. He has also given the car his usual treatment of Wax. Phil Cores TR5/250 is for sale and he plans to re-bush the rear suspension on his TR6. Peter Parkinson has replaced the drive shafts and brake shoes on his TR6 and plans to install a hazard warning system. Alan Burwood is thinking about a replacement metering unit.

Graham Wallace will convert the oil pump on his Stag to a "spin on"and replace the antiroll bar links. Nick Wallers Dove is on the road again but still needs work on the seats and interior trim.

Future events – we intend to start off the year with Saturday lunches at 12.30 at The Goat at Frognall (PE6 8SA) on Saturday 21st January and at the Three Horseshoes Wistow (PE28 2QQ) on Saturday 18th February at 12.30. Details will be sent by local e mail.

Our website is See you at the Three Horseshoes at Wistow at PE28 2QQ on the third Monday of each month and The Millstone at Barnack PE9 3ET on the first Wednesday of each month

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