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ACE Classic Tour 2018 – 3 June 2018

ACE Classic Tour 2018 – 3 June 2018

A Magical Mystery Tour – by prize winner Dave Lewis

Following a major front end overhaul of the 3A at home from October 2016,I finally got it back on the road late last summer, only to soon have it suffer failure ofits camshaft and followers which, of course, sent metal around my newly rebuilt engine! Thankfully, however, most of it was caught by the magnetic sump plug. That small item (about £15 from Moss) certainly helped with limiting the amount of consequential damage.

Thus I had to dismantle the car again in order to address this problem.Poor accessibility is, of course, a design feature of the 'side screen' TR range and I suppose it's part of their undoubted charm!

Not quite so charming, however, is the pain caused by aftermarket spares – too many of which can be of poor quality.This can make a typical repair process incredibly frustrating and expensive. It can be a truly heart breaking experience, rather akin to a slipping ratchet (e.g. up 3: down 2: sometimes down much more!).I can go on and on, but do advise great caution when buying 'repro' parts and to stay with original Triumph if at all possible (or compare them carefully).

The car is now running again, now with parts from other sources where possible. It's still undergoing 'shakedown' trials in my efforts to debug various issues that shouldn't be there –i.e. it's definitely trying its best to 'go green' and remain in the garage (a wind-up car!). Currently it pulls like a train but gets all 'fluffy' and won't take throttle above 4000 rpm. It doesn't really matter, it's perfectly useable because of the overdrive but it's nagging me, having literally changed all parts and all adjustments several times over.Does anyone still have a Crypton tuner?

To cheer me up and force it into action I entered it for the 20th Anniversary ACE Classic Tour 2018 on Sunday, 3rd June. It's a relaxed, informal event organised by the Bristol Pegasus Motor Club andopen to 'All Classics' and sports cars in to raise funds for a chosen charity, this year's being in support ofbrain tumour research.Historically there was always some input from R-R at Filton.

It took us on a carefully selected route, this time around parts of Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and the Southern Cotswolds to places that one may never discover otherwise.The civilised start time, a morning coffee break, a lunchtime picnic and final destination venue with raffle, etc make it very enjoyable, especially in an open TR in the sunshine (and they really don't like crawling along in a big procession very much, do they?). In other words, unlike some of the larger events this one is much more manageable and informal over a total of about 90 miles. All the better on a delightfully warm summer's day, literally a big breath of fresh air!

I was astounded to be presented with the 'Runner's Choice' trophy.A titanium fan blade from the RB 199 engine (from a Tornado aircraft) as polished and mountedat R-R Filton.Why, and what for? Especially as there'ssuch perfection nearby inthat exquisite Swallow Doretti belonging to Mike Nangreave, that he's meticulously restored over many years.

Well it is a subjective thing, I suppose and despite my not having washed it GTA does tend to look quite nice in the sunshine.It won previously (in 2004). Anyone with an eye for detail, however, would have definitely voted for the real McCoy.

Dave Lewis

Brunel TRs Group

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