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Brunel Newsletter No 193 - October 2017

Brunel Newsletter No 193 - October 2017

Group Leader Ramblings

Lots of apologies, firstly because I wasn't able to get to the meeting last month (normal service resumes this week), and secondly there was no Brunel entry in TR Action, I could plead pressure of work and all that but the truth is down to sheer incompetence.I didn't put the 300th edition editorial dates in my diary, sorry.

I don't know what you think but September seemed like Motor Car legislation month to me, maybe it was the summer heat.

Firstly, we had an announcement that as of 2040, the production of vehicles powered by the internal combustion engine is to be outlawed.

Secondly, the DVLA announced that TR owners can no longer obtain a copy of a TR's history from them. DVLA have redefined 'Reasonable Cause' for accessing vehicle records, and have stated that a request from the current registered keeper of a vehicle for details of previous registered keepers of that vehicle for the purpose of researching its history was NOT considered to be 'reasonable cause'.I hope you already have yours.

Thirdly, the Department of Transport announced classic cars over 40 years old have been exempted from the annual roadworthiness test effective from 20th May 2018. The exemption will be applied on a rolling annual basis but, and here is the rub, will only apply to vehicles deemed not to be "substantially changed" from standard specification.There are two cans of worms here that seem to have the press working overtime:

  • 1.Is this really a good idea, or is it not.
  • 2.There is no definition of what "substantially changed" means yet.

I'll leave it there, if anyone wants to get involved in the debates, there are plenty of articles on the subject, and our own Wayne Scott has been quite vocal.

Last month I asked for a couple of volunteers to boost the Social Committee to help plan next year.From the massive response I have managed to whittle the list down to, well, nobody actually.So, operation press gang may have to come into play or we will have a very quiet 2018.It would be so much better if we could have a willing volunteer though.

Social Reports of Recent Events

Autumn Classic – 7 October

Another good turnout for this wonderful show of motoring history on the track.We had 6 TR Register Brunel Group members on the stand this year:

  • Tim Carr
  • Bob Sackley
  • Dave Walker
  • Tony Luffman
  • Roddy
  • Dave Green

Tim Carr and I didn't partake on the track to give the others a bit of a chance, but we could see Tony Luffman eyeing up the track for his supercharged TR4 which is now starting to bed in after such a major rework.

Although we booked 6 spaces we managed to have 7 on the stand somehow!There was a rather good blue TR4a parked along with us, which was nice.Being parked next to Glavon we jointly put on a great show of the Triumph TRs over the years.

The covered display was as good as ever with a Ferrari 512 owned by Nick Mason (he showed his 250 GTO last year - whatever next?), several Formula 1 racing cars, and a rather good jazz band. All of them just parked up for us to walk around and admire, no ropes, no heavies. They all came out for some track time as well, and no, they didn't just poodle around, they were going for it, and I saw 3 abreast going into a chicane at one point which they all survived.

We were parked in Club Avenue which covered a number of the major with Lotus (56 cars), Triumph (38 cars), and Riley (28 cars) being the largest.

The racing was as exciting as ever with the Jaguars really showing what they are made of, with one of them sadly showing parts that shouldn't be seen after his XK made contact with something solid.

Several photos in the Brunel Gallery on the TR Register website, including a rather arty black and white one, it just seemed in keeping with the classic theme.

Can't wait for the next one.

Redhill Meeting

Last Redhill Meeting of 2017 - Gets my vote for Best Classic Car Breakfast of the Year

There were several of us from the Brunel Group there and OK the cars were not up to their usual gleaming standard because some of us had been at Castle Combe the day before, but at least we were there, and anyway, if we stopped to wash them we may have missed breakfast!

The event raised a good sum for charity and there was a significant selection of cars on show including an immaculate DB5. It was good to see some members enjoying their TRs who we don't see so often. Maybe see you there next year, or at any of the other events.

More photos in the gallery.

Did I mention the breakfast!

Brunel Events

Christmas Dinner – Payments please

If you haven't already let Elf know how many places you want, and any room requirements to stop over, could you please do so as soon as you can.

The deposit has been paid to the Walton Park but we can still increase the numbers.

We need to make the final payment mid-November so could you please hand your payment of £30 per head to Roddy at the October meeting.

Details are:

  • Christmas Dinner/Party at The Walton Park Hotel Clevedon on Sat 9 Dec.
  • Cost...£29.95 which includes the disco (as before Elf will ask if we can sit as far away from disco as possible!).Please round up payments to £30 to keep life simpler for Roddy.
  • Overnight accommodation is offered on a B & B basis, the breakfasts are superb!!
  • Cost£67.50 for a Double or Twin room
  • £47.50 for aSingle room
  • We have been here a few times before and always enjoyed it - it's very festive and great to be able to stay overnight at a reasonable price.
  • Also, we often go for a walk on the Sun am!

Other Classic Car Events

TR Track Days

Kev Bryant has reached an agreement with MGs On Track that will give us access to their track days.I went to Brands Hatch with them last year and it was great fun.Goodwood is 31 October but sold out before I could get a place, Brands Hatch is 4 December.

Classic Le Mans 2018

2018 is another Classic Le Mans year.Maybe a few of the group might like to group up to drive over for this one.

It will be held 6, 7 and 8 July 2018 on the Grand Circuit 24 Hours of Le Mans. In 2016, more than 123.000 spectators saw nearly 550 race cars on the track and 8.500 cars in the general enclosure specially designed to accommodate 180 clubs representing 60 brands!

For 2018, several innovations are scheduled starting with the presence of the Group C field which was a huge success in 2016. In addition, modifications will be made at the circuit to improve the flow of cars and spectators. Several anniversaries will also be celebrated including in particular, the 40th anniversary of Alpine's victory in the Le Mans 24 Hours as well as the 70th anniversary of the birth of the Porsche 356 and the 50th of the 908!

Technical Talk

Nothing to report this month

If anyone is tinkering with their TR it is always nice to hear.

For Sale

TR3 for sale by Andy Spencer

All is revealed.Andy Spencer hasn't been driving his TR3 much in recent times and has decided to sell it.Full details are on the TR Register website under Cars for Sale.Brief details are:

White, non-overdrive. Genuine right hand drive UK car, first registered in North Wales. Fully restored thirty years ago on a new Racestorations chassis.

Rebuilt as near to original specification as possible to a high standard with all steel panels. Drives well with a solid feel.

Currently on steel wheels but a set of painted wire wheels are included c/w adaptors, spacers and spinners. Each with tyres with plenty of tread but would suggest an inspection to check due to age.

Contact Andy – 07765 116590

TR3A for sale by Ken Banks

A similar story from Ken Banks currently living in Spain, but transporting it back to England should be quite straightforward.It is a 1961, only one previous owner, registered in Exeter.

The engine has been totally rebuilt to include nitride harden crank and micro polish, lightened flywheel and fully balanced including diaphram and clutch. And much more.

The suspension fully poly bushed.

O/D gearbox, bodywork in excellent condition, leather seats, hood, sidescreens, tonneau covers all new, with clear windows.

The price is £22,500, and there should be no problem getting the original registration number back.

Dave Lewis knows all about the car.

Contact Ken at

TR6 For Sale by Tony Luffman

Tony is selling his red TR6, it is currently at Fender Broad, Bristol BS5 6XX, if you would like to see it.

Wire Wheels

Elf has some 4J wire wheels that are surplus to requirements and wishes to sell them.Please call Elf on 07969 191168.


Sidescreen TR

David Radford is looking for a sidescreen TR, if you are looking to sell I will put you in touch.


One of the group is considering buying a TR8, preferably one of the original UK ones, but I think he will consider a good conversion.I don't know of one in the group but if anyone has one to sell please let me know and I'll put you in touch.

That's it for this month, see you Wednesday.


Brunel's officers and contact details

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Dave Green

mobile: 07772 330220

tel: 01934 811711

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Roddy Halliwell

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Social Committee Co-ordinator

Elf Harris

tel: 0117 9082155

mobile: 07969 191168


Membership Secretary

Bob Sackley

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