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Brunel Newsletter No 190 - July 2017

Brunel Newsletter No 190 - July 2017

Group Leader Ramblings

I'll spare you the ramble this month and get straight into the main business.

Before I do, just for the record, gazebos are on the move again.The really old one that was being retired to the local civic amenity has been given a bit of a new lease of life by Derek Roberts who gave the group £10 for it.I'll be handing it over at the July monthly meeting.I also believe I'll be taking custody of the second gazebo from Roddy on the same day, so if anyone wants to use either the new one or the not so new one, just let me know.

Social Reports of Recent Events

Last Month's Monthly Meeting

Wasn't last month a cracking show of TRs, I don't remember seeing so many for quite some time.There were 11 TRs altogether, and I could embarrass myself here by trying to name them but I think they include:

Dave Walker's TR7, Paul Wolf's yellow TR6, Bob and Ginny's red TR4A, Derek Roberts dark blue TR5, Marilyn Streven's red TR3A, Tony's green TR4, my blue TR6.

Apologies to the other four and any errors, maybe I shouldn't have started that!I must take some more photos of owners and cars together to add to the list on the website.

Bristol Classic Car Show

Lesson for next year no 2 – buy a kettle!The Office did a great job of providing lots of equipment for the show, but we could probably have got away with a kettle and some local supplies from Sainsburys, and it will save a lot of time and travel.

Lesson no 1 was of course to follow the wrist band rules as reported last month.

TR Track Day

Big Grin Day – After weeks and weeks of brilliant sunshine we were expecting an easy day's driving, but the change to a wet track kept us on our toes and it just added to the fun.Tim Carr (TR4A) and I (TR6) took to the track again and there was plenty of support from other Brunel members throughout the day starting with breakfast in Milliways.I'll confess to being too keen to catch the car in front coming out of Hammerdown, overcooked the approach to Bobbies, and had to use the escape route, not once but twice, I don't learn!Sadly Kev Bryant had a fault in his TR3's suspension so despite organising a great day out for everyone he had no car to drive himself.It seemed a bit of a shame so I gave him my keys and said just make sure you get past that green TR4a in the next session.The day passed without serious incident and we were all able to drive home at the end of the day.

TR Register International Weekend

It was back to sunshine again for the IWE which always helps make an event like this.There was much going on and I met several of the group during the Saturday after scrutineering on the Autosolo.I can thoroughly recommend having a go at the Autosolo if you get the chance, I had three goes and achieved 1 minute 8 secs, 1 minute 7 secs, and 1 minute 2 secs.Actual times don't matter it is just the fun of try to go quicker next time and not getting lost, which is quite common.

Brunel Events

Brunel Events

Social Committee

With Elf and Derek Lee both dealing with other issues in their lives the Social Committee is rather short of manpower (or ladypower of course).If anyone could spare some time to help put on any events I am sure it would be much appreciated by the rest of the group.


With no volunteers to organise a barbeque we will park that idea for this year.In its place some sort of picnic event seemed to go down well and Derek Roberts has volunteered to organise it.

Other Classic Car Events

Redhill Classic Car Meet – 20 July

Classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts are welcome to park up for a chat and meet like-minded people. Come along and enjoy the vehicles on show, held on the Recreation Field at Redhill Village Hall & Club this is a B.B.Q Evening Gathering from 7 pm.

Silverstone Classic – 28 to 30 July

The Brunel Group, well Roddy anyway, will be visiting the UK's biggest historic event, the Silverstone Classic which is a weekend of pure razzmatazz, combining celebrity spotting and great racing at the home of the British Grand Prix. This busy event pulls in massive crowds.

Tetbury Classic Car Show – 3 September

Another popular event with Brunel Group members along with the Glavon Group.

Jersey Trip – 10 to 17 September

The Brunel International Event of the Year 2017 is a trip to Jersey.

Autumn Classic – 7 October

Brunel Group will be going to the Autumn Classic at Castle Combe again this year.

Last year we had a good turnout despite some appalling weather! We will just be watching the legendary cars and spectacular racing this time as far as I know, Tim and Dave are not taking to the track for this one!

Technical Talk

TR6 Fuel Pump and Starter

Last month I said my TR6 is now feeling much happier with its new Bosch fuel pump, PRV, and high torque starter while it was still in the garage.This month it has been to the Castle Combe Track Day and the IWE Autosolo and I can now confirm it starts much better and the fuel pump didn't object to the heat at IWE.

Steering Wheels - Safety Issue

If you have fitted a new steering wheel recently or plan to do so please check out the TR Register Technical Forum for your own safety, it is in the TR Technical Chat page and dated 19 June 2017:

The rims of some steering wheel rims have parted company with the steering wheel hubs. This is not an isolated incident.

Bob Sackley - June 2017

TR3A Rebuild

Thanks for all the replies offering help to Rob Tandy in Bath who is about to start a restoration.All responses have been passed on.


If anyone has any tips or is carrying out any work, it would be good to share.

For Sale

Wire Wheels

Elf has some 4J wire wheels that are surplus to requirements and wishes to sell them.Please call Elf on 07969 191168.


One of our group may be selling his TR3A, I am just waiting confirmation before naming names, but if you interested please let me know and I'll pass on your details.


Sidescreen TR

One of the group is looking for a sidescreen TR, if you are looking to sell I will put you in touch.Yes, the TR3A seller above is aware!


One of the group is considering buying a TR8, preferably one of the original UK ones, but I think he will consider a good conversion.I don't know of one in the group but if anyone has one to sell please let me know and I'll put you in touch.


Brunel TRs Group

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