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TR Register Track Day - 2017

TR Register Track Day - 2017

TR Track Day – Big Grin Day – After weeks and weeks of brilliant sunshine we were expecting an easy day's driving, but the change to a wet track kept us on our toes and it just added to the fun. Tim Carr (TR4A) and Dave Green (TR6) took to the track again and there was plenty of support from other Brunel members throughout the day including Roddy, Roger and Marilyn Skriven, Dennis Lane, and Tim's friend Tim.

After breakfast in Milliways (thanks Dennis) the rain eases slightly so off to the track for some fun. In his enthusiasm Dave is first out behind the course car and quickly realises this is not the best place to be - driving behind a skilled driver at increasing speed on a wet track needs lots of concentration to avoid the potential huge embarrassment of running into the Clerk of the Course in his course car!

Unfortunately Kev Bryant (the event organiser) didn't have a car there, his TR3 had a suspension problem that could not be fixed in time and his 911 Turbo has almost but not quite finished it's rebuild after the last event at Castle Combe. So what do you do? You give him your keys and say take mine out and get past the green TR4a already lining up for the next session. The photo in the gallery shows he made it! He trained it well and I'm sure it went faster for me in the next session. Kev also suggested the Konis be firmed up a little as the nose dives a bit under heavy braking. Handy having an expert test driver.

Dave confesses to being too keen to catch the car in front coming out of Hammerdown, overcooked the approach to Bobbies, and had to use the escape route, not once but twice, he doesn't learn! The day passed without serious incident and we were both able to drive home at the end of the day.

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