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Brunel Newsletter No 187 - April 2017

Brunel Newsletter No 187 - April 2017

Group Leader Ramblings

OK, no mention of Vogons, Babel Fish, or the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, this month, oops, done it again!

Starting off with a bit of history this month, Andy mentioned the Brunel TRs group had a website on and it was very out of date.I checked it out and yes, it was last updated 10 or more years ago by Bruce Mandell-Lynn and showed us meeting at somewhere completely different but the day of the month was still right!I have now convinced brmmbrmm to let me have the editors password and it is now up to date but I do not intend to maintain it with our events, they will remain solely on the TR Register website.I left the lovely logo and all the old photos on brmmbrmm, and maybe some of the long-term members may recognise a car or two.

On the subject of websites I hope you saw the TR Register was awarded "Most Outstanding Website" at the National Car Club Awards 2017, another success for Wayne Scott.

I will take this opportunity to welcome Ian Bennet from Combe Down, Bath who recently joined the TR Register.Maybe we will see you at the Jubilee Inn one Wednesday evening or at any of the events.

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If you want to see anything else please let me know.


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