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Brunel AGM 2017 - 15 February 2017

Brunel AGM 2017 - 15 February 2017

The 2017 AGM was a very well attended event and quite good fun.We took over the whole dining room at the Jubilee Inn which provided a friendly and casual atmosphere.There were formalities of course and TR Register South Director Derek Hurford joined us to contribute information from the TR Register, and explain the benefits of topping up the agreed value by 25%, and probably to check we were following the rules.

This was Andy Spencer's last meeting as Group Leader after many years loyal service to the group which has been much appreciated by the group. Fair play to Andy he did say he really would be standing down this year at the AGM a year ago, after hinting he would be at the AGM the year before, so we had plenty of warning! Elf Harris was re-elected as Social Committee Co-Ordinator, Roddy Halliwell was re-elected as Treasurer, Bob Sackley was re-elected as New Members Secretary, and Dave Green was elected unopposed to take over from Andy as Group Leader and retain his place as Group Webmaster.

After running through the formalities it was time to show Andy just how much we had appreciated his leadership over all those years and Bob Sackley presented him with his gift, of something to lubricate the inner parts, sorry Andy, not alcohol, a pint oil for the engine of course, we knew you'd like it! OK, we know Andy has a liking for single malts so Roddy presented him with a bottle of alcohol, sorry Andy it's just a bottle of beer. Andy likes a beer and although it wasn't what he probably hoping for he took it in good spirit! Already faced with two disappointments, Dave Green finally presented him with "something one of the group found in a car boot sale, it only has a couple of cracks, but it's the thought that counts". With some trepidation Andy unwrapped this one and was pleasantly surprised to find a Dartington glass personally engraved with thanks from the group and an engraved image of his TR3 complete with his car's registration. His wife Viv wrote in to say thank you for her gift as well and says Andy has put the engraved glass on the mantlepiece in pride of place at their house in Penzance.

Plenty more photos by Derek Lee on the Gallery page.

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