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About Apple County TRs (Somerset)

The Somerset Group of the TR Register was originally formed in 1977 by Neil and Sue Revington. At the time Neil worked for Westland Helicopters in Yeovil as a Quality Assurance Engineer and drove a TR2 whilst Sue drove a TR4. Not long after they had moved to their new home in Somerset, Sue was stopped by a builder who declared he drove a TR4 and 'wouldn't it be great if there were a club in the area'? At that time, local groups were not all that local. The nearest 'local' group was called Wales and South West and covered quite a large area. However, Neil and Sue decided to give it a try and after being given the go ahead from the TR Register Committee they organised the first Somersetmeeting. It was held at The White Lion (now the Old Pound Inn) in Aller in the back room which had a huge table. Neil recalls that about 20 people turned up and sat round the table staring at him waiting for something to happen! He declared that they should go round the table introducing themselves and the TR's they drove. Amazingly, some people who turned up to that very first meeting are still regulars today.

The group quickly grew, initially being called the Somerset group but then this changed to 'Apple County', a name which has stuck.

In those early years very few of us had children and we were therefore generally free to do as we wanted. We organised many events, notably the Apple County Weekend which was based at Llantony Abbey in South Wales, a time when many friendships were cemented and flourish to this day.

Ernie Cole is our current Group Leader. Ernie has been a member of the TR Register for over 30 years now and, despite being a busy chap, always has time to help out a fellow TR owner if they have a problem. He has owned many TR's over the years and is generally a busy person on the Classic Car circuit.

Apple County TR's have a long and healthy membership and, although not quite so 'active' as we were 20 years ago we are still around and fiercely loyal members of the TR Register with many many years of experience and knowledge between us. Why not come along to one of our monthly meetings at the Quarry Inn in Keinton Mandeville to meet us where you will be made very welcome. You will find us a very friendly, enthusiastic bunch of normal people who just happen to be very passionate about our classic cars.

Our regular meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at The Quarry Inn, Keinton Mandeville, Somerset, TA11 6DZ. Details of these and any other events can be found in the 'Future Events' section. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Apple County TRs (Somerset) Group

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