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Dates for Diaries

First up some dates for your diaries in order of events;

1)1st of October is The Autumn leaves Run,if you have not booked for this yet please contact Robin on 01359230978 or Numbers are required for the lunch venue.
These runs are a great way to meet other members,enjoying the scenery on roads that you normally do not travel on as we rush from A to B and have a relaxing Sunday lunch with no washing up!
2)Club Night 10th of October will be in the restaurant at The Manger Bradfield Combust IP30 0LW on the A134 starting at 8.00pm but feel free to get there earlier for a chat, the food there is good as well. If its your first time just ask for the TR people.
This night will be a widget sale night. A widget is any relatively small piece that you have too many of or need just the one. Its the kind of thing that you buy a pack of 6 needing only 5 or in my case need 6 and can only buy 5, these include trim fixings, clips and grommets. So you have a chance to clear out those items lurking at the back of a shelf for the benefit of others.
3)8th December is Christmas Dinner this will be at The Manger and its ok if you are Turkey or Chicken averse as the menu includes non seasonal fare. As there will be no normal club night this will be your last chance to meet up before the New Year.
Tickets and Menu will be available ffrom Peter Hudspith at 01440 707847 or This is a good night ande the amount of decorations in the Manger has to be seen to be believed.
4)2018 what would you like to do as a club, topics for club nights, runs out attending events, please let me know as it is your club and the more diverse things we do the more members will join in.
Parts for Sale-as before all proceeds (except postage/courier costs) to TR Register TS2 fund
1)new Dunlop SP Sport 195/60R15 on four stud wheel(Vauxhall) fitted as a new spare on daughters car just before the car was scrapped! £15.00
2)new door aperture seal black suit TR5/6 £6.00
3)flexible strap silencer to chassis £0.50
4)rubber boot protects sliding joint -drive shaft new £2.00
5)washer axle mounting part 134234(Moss) £3.00
Used parts
a)TR6 Steering wheel £30.00
b)Lucas Coil may have been used but looks new ref byssp1245341a £5.00
c)shock absorber bushes 4 front upper light use £4.00.
ok that's it hope to see you on !st october

Abbott and Stour Group

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