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Hi All,

As well as my head gasket woes since the car ejected the contents of the cooling system out of the header tank my nearside headlamp refuses to come out to play preferring to illuminate the road under the car instead of in front. Can anyone give me advice as how to track down the possible causes?



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Hi Andy,

thanks for yourreplies to my posts. I shall check the earth straps as you suggest, but think I will pass the head job to the garage!



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Check the red conectors which have 3 or 4 round bullet holes located either side of the radiator which lie on the front chassis rail area - there is a bunch of wires there.

Clean these connections.


You do know you can raise them manually but disconnect the battery or these red connectors first.

The knob is on the headlight sizzor operating mechanism - hence to disconnect the power or you could loose your fingers.

The details should be on a long red info sticker in engine bay on bonnet hinge panel.

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If you are careful, (I have done this) without disconnecting plugs or battery, to see if there is power to the motor at all, turning the knob on the motor, it's better if you are under the car looking up at the motor, as you turn the knob you may feel a slight resistance to the turn and then as a limit switch is either made or opened it will raise or lower, depending on which way you turn it. If you turn the knob, let's say about 10 times and nothing happens or the knob's roatation action feels the same (no resistance) then you will have lost power to it and/or the motor is bad. This can be done with the ignition off. It is possible to just turn the knob one way or the other, the same will eventually happen.


That's if it's an electrical problem, don't rule out a jammed mechanism, I take it you can hear the relays going, but as one is working might be hard to easily determine from just hearing.


If you suspect a motor then you could buzz out the motor plug to verify resistance on the windings, I'll need to check the schematics, I don't carry that info around in my head lol. Then compare to the other side.


Hopefully it's just a dodgy connection.


I stress that you need to be looking at where your hand is and take caution about loosing fingers,hands :) as also stated above.

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