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  1. You can just use a link pipe to join the ports together instead of a T piece. Much neater. OR you can drill them internally and do away with the pipes or T piece completely which is what I do..
  2. Except for the engine stuff which is Imperial, UNF and UNC
  3. I run the Princess 4 pots on my two TR7s. One has Capri vented discs and the other has Toyota Supra vented discs. The reason for this is one pair of calipers has been re-drilled to make them fit better under 13" wheels and they match with the Capri discs nicely. The Capri discs are 245mm diameter. The other calipers have standard mounting holes and this puts them slightly further away from the hub so the pads would slightly overlap the Capri discs. The Supra discs are slightly larger at 258mm and match the calipers perfectly. I like the Princess calipers because they are freely av
  4. The parts list shows them as M8 by 30mm long.
  5. Quite a few folks have had the cable break and it is then a bit of a fiddle to open the bonnet. You can do it through that wire grille but its not easy. I have put a back-up on my cars using a piece of welding rod that pulls the slider and comes out just under the corner of the bonnet on the left side. I tend to always use that rather than the actual cable pull most times.
  6. I am not at home so not able to access the manual directly but you can get an pdf online version on my iDrive here:- https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz1MK9YiTPtjOVVRU0xWR284TmM The pages you need start at page 281, section 76.46.01 I had to fix my heater a couple of years ago and used a replacement matrix that does not have the problem leaky seals. Speak to Steve Wilcox at S&S Preparations who supplies them. Good luck
  7. Its a spacer that goes on the spindle of the windscreen wiper wheelbox They are sometimes a black plastic block version.
  8. I have the Dave Bulman CCC articles in pdf form at: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bz1MK9YiTPtjQzRLVnJ1OVU0eXc&usp=sharing Could anyone tell me how much stuff there is in John Wolf's book about suspension/brakes/handling etc. Is it worth buying the book leaving out the V8 stuff?
  9. Dave, no way should you be able to hit the bump stops by pushing it down, something is very wrong. The bump stops are a kind of safety valve and you should only hit them under extreme conditions. Lots of questions, how far does it go down before they touch? Usually the old ones have turned to yellow dust by now so what new ones did you fit? Are you sure they are positioned/fitted correctly? What is the ride height like? Driving a car that hits the bump stops so easily could be dangerous as it doesn't allow the suspension to work properly. Russ
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