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  1. Cameron

    Long wheel studs

    As I suggested earlier, have a look at these. They have standard and longer, also a quality manufacturer. https://www.rallydesign.co.uk/index.php?cPath=735
  2. I’m sure they will both be very happy together. Cameron
  3. Cameron

    Long wheel studs

    Get them from Rally Design, same as fitted to some fords and a lot cheaper. They are still selling on line. http://www.rallydesign.co.uk Cameron
  4. Hi Miles I think what your suggesting is a great idea, not wanting to add to your todo list but if you haven’t already I would also recommend replacing any remaining rubber fuel lines with ethanol resistant ones. I found Moss was the best supplier on price and quantity. All the Best Cameron
  5. This is the thread from the forum. There have been other cases that caused fires.
  6. I notice you have a fuel pressure regulator and one of those glass filters. I’m assuming from that your running a couple of Weber’s. I had the same setup, however after reading about a number of instances of the filters failing and spraying petrol all over the engine, I removed it. I think this happened to someone on the forum, can’t recall who. Just something to consider.
  7. I have fitted the male studs near the top of the back panel on either side. I tuck the flap around and under the folded hood then clip into place. This creates some space under the supported hood. I’m not saying this is correct, however it works for me. Cameron
  8. Just to add another misconception, black isn’t a colour, neither is white. So if your asked what the highest scoring coloured ball is in snooker, it’s the Pink.
  9. I must of had to much wine tonight, I can’t make sense of that photo.
  10. I had a similar issue with them in Perth. After they rejected my appeal I contacted the owners of the shopping complex served by the car park. They told me to ignore the demands. This I did and after a few more letters I heard no more from them. Interestingly a few months later they disappeared from the car park.
  11. That’s easy, obviously it’s SANTA.....
  12. If you do us a long filter like the HP2009 you will not be able to have it in a vertical position without it being below the chassis. Take it as close as you can to vertical, just no to far.
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