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  1. Thanks, this photo was take just after the gearbox was removed about 18 months ago.This is the slipping Clutch problem from my other thread. From what I remember it clean up, however I’ll see when the box comes out again.Am now convinced that the main clutch is the problem.
  2. Hi All Just looking for comments on the surface condition of this flywheel Thanks
  3. Cameron

    Slipping Clutch

    Thanks again all Well tomorrow I fill with fresh oil, check the slave operation and take it from there,I will let you all know what I find.
  4. Cameron

    Slipping Clutch

    The oil is, was Penrite HPR 30 20W/60. New oil arriving tomorrow is Dynolite gear 40 mainly because using Moss eBay I get it delivered free.
  5. Cameron

    Slipping Clutch

    Thanks Rog I’ll check in the morning I’ve drained the oil, only a small amount of extremely fine black paste on the magnetic rings and gearbox drain plug, however have a look at the oil, only done around 3000miles
  6. Cameron

    Slipping Clutch

    Hi Both The slave cylinder is positioned as below However the rod maybe a little longer than I expected at 148mm from the ball end to the centre of the clevis pin hole,however I’m sure about that. There may have been some pressure present when I removed the rod however it seemed to release immediately I grabbed the arm, so hard to say.I’ve had to order more oil so once that arrives tomorrow I’ll put everything back together and check the slave properly. The master slave and flexible pipe are all newish (18 months) so should be ok. Am I correct right in thinking that only a slipping main clutch would result in what happened when I did the 3rd gear from rest test ,therefore suggesting the OD is ok. Thanks Again
  7. Hello All This is my 1971 6 fitted with A type overdrive. At the end of 2017 the car first develop a slipping clutch, couldn’t be sure if it was the main clutch or the OD.Anyway whatever it was the gearbox had to come out.The OD was fine, however the main clutch was in need of replacing.I sent the laycock cover and plate to the company Alex recommended in the south west, Precision Clutch and they appeared to do a great job.I also asked TrGB to match up a new shaft, fork and pin and make sure they fit well.I also used one of their bearing that they repack themselves. Anyway everything went back together fine with new master and slave cylinders and the clutch has been great for the last year and a bit.Probably covered 3000 to 4000 miles. Over the last few weeks I’ve had a suspicion that the clutch was slipping again, however yesterday we took the for a run over to Oban on the west coast and I took the opportunity to really test the car fully.If I drive around “normally “ including for example dropping to 3rd to overtake I don’t really notice any slipping, however I think it is slightly. Where you do become very aware of it is if you start off in first, change to second and then floor it. This with result in slipping, losing about 30% of the power.This also creates the unmistakably smell from the clutch, which for me suggests its not the OD. Taking of the OD it was also a bit odd yesterday,it would work in 4 OD however slower than usual to engage, however 3rd to 3rd OD was very slow and kept falling out then back in again, all over the place. The other test I did was sitting on the flat I engaged 3rd gear raised the revs a little and slowly released the clutch. We I might as well been in first gear because the revs didn’t change, the car just moved off and no suggestion of stalling. Well the cars up on ramps and axle stand and I’ve drained the oil from the box. I’ve removed the slave cylinder rod and the shaft is moving freely and I can feel the carrier moving .The only thing that hasn’t been replaced recently is the flexible pipe to the slave. I intend filling the gearbox with fresh oil and with some help check the hydraulics are somehow stopping the full release, however I can’t see it. Any Ideas Thanks Regards Cameron
  8. Good evening Cliff I didn’t mention Bo’ness because I have no interest in promoting your personal project. Just because you give it the title of Tr Register Scottish Weekend doesn’t make it so.Scone or Glamis should have that title, however as I cannot recall seeing you at either of these venues over the last 20 years you are probably not familiar with their suitability Regards Cameron
  9. Thanks Jim,I forgot to mention the great drive up there, and not forgetting given the Queen a wave as we pass the royal party on their way to the Braemar games. Rod the organisers have started controlling the age of cars entering. Thay have started by restricting car register post 2000, I believe this is an ongoing process and could be changed in the future.
  10. Yes, this is a very popular event, however they do have a list you can join to replace cancellations. We all register as soon as it opens and book accommodations for the following year as we leave. There are 27 Tr’s registered for this years event , most certainly the largest gathering in Scotland this year. Cameron
  11. Hi All Had a great weekend again at the Glamis transport extravaganza in Angus Scotland.The weather was a little showery on Saturday, however Sunday was clear, warm and sunny. We had a great turnout with members coming from all corners of Scotland. Its a shame the register no longer really supports our three big events in Scotland, namely Glamis , Scone and Grantown on Spey. Grantown has been a very important event for us for many years, and attracts members from all over the country. The registers involvement was overseen for many years by the late Highland and Islands group leader Steve Smith. This event raises a lot of money each year for local charities and was so important to Steve that he was there only a few weeks before he died, even though he was very ill. I for one, and many others will continue to support this event with or without the involvement of the register. https://www.grantown-motormania.co.uk/ So if anyone happens to be in this glorious part of the world during the first weekend in September, do come and say hello. Regards Cameron
  12. My 71 UK does have the wiring and a working bulb,I thought they all had,maybe not. Cameron
  13. Cameron

    Mintex Pads

    Just an update. I did fit the Ferodo DS pads a few weeks ago and took care to bed them in correctly. I've done a few hundred miles since and am very impressed so far,and no squealing. Thanks all for the recommendation. Cameron
  14. Damson, what a colour ! Enjoy
  15. Spencer Wells, perfect tool for this job.
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