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  1. Thanks both, just wanted to check. Cameron
  2. Hi All Just fitted a new shaft and new bushed rockers supplied by Moss.I replaced the springs, and spring washers and reused the original pedestals.I rebuilt the shaft exactly as before and adjusted the tappets as normal.I then turned the engine over for 5 or 6 seconds to allow them to fully settle.The problem is that three of the arms are not fully square on top of the valve stems,and these include 1 and 12.The other one could be fixed by reducing the spacer width accordingly,however for the other two I would need to remove material from the rocker.I emailed Moss and they say not to worry about it.I'm not so sure.
  3. Hi All Thanks for the reply’s. I spoke to one of the overdrive service companies today about the pressure issue. Basically they confirmed that the overdrive should maintain the pressure, however the fact it doesn’t wouldn’t stop it performing perfectly. The pressure is probably leaking past the accumulator or relief valve, however in their opinion not worth worrying about. I removed the switches today and the 3/4 gear one was not right and had a high resistance, so probably the problem. I will also renew the wiring while I’m there. Waldi , The pressure remains high while in gear even at idle (propshaft disconnects) Its when going into neutral it drops to 100psi ,then to zero within a minute of turning off the ignition. Thanks Cameron
  4. Hi All Well this started a number of months ago when my overdrive started dropping out randomly when in 4th OD. I was sure it was an electrical issue as it could work fine for hours of driving. It appeared to be worse when hot and tended to happen when the revs dropped while still in fourth. I checked all the electric and couldn’t fine a problem and as we were about to head off to Spain and France with the car I decided to leave it alone. We covered 2380 miles, 3 Tr6s with no problems, however my overdrive continued misbehaving, a little worse in the hot weather. However we arrived back in Portsmouth and drove straight home, 505 miles and it performed perfectly. I have a number of jobs to do on the car this winter; including recovering the central dash support, so I decided to remove the gearbox cover to try and sort out this problem. I checked the electrics and everything works correctly, so I fitted my pressure gauge and disconnected the propshaft. At tick over in neutral the pressure is 100psi In 4th gear at 2500 to 3000rpm the pressure is 450psi engage Overdrive it drops momentarily to 200psi then back to 450psi disengage OD and the pressure doesn’t move. So far so good. However once I reduce the revs the pressure immediately drops to 100psi and if I then turn off the engine it drops to zero within a minute. So my question is, am I correct in thinking the pressure should be maintained, and if so what could be causing it to drop. Thanks Cameron
  5. Still not got ours.The problem is that a number of us who are traveling a long way tend to include the in IWE as part of a longer trip. We are leaving home early on Tuesday morning, so if they don’t arrive Monday I’ll need to phone the office and hopefully get tickets at the gate. Not ideal.
  6. I bought this one, fits the 6 perfectly, very soft and a good price .Can also go in the washing machine, if your allowed. Cosmos 10356 Indoor Car Cover Small https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01EAJ9YM6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_dLbpDbBWBTGR4 Cameron
  7. Cameron

    Slipping Clutch

    Hi All A final update When I got under the car and had someone operate the clutch after I bled it,I could see that once the pedal was released the piston returned most of the way but slowed down to an almost halt and took 2 to 3 seconds to fully return.I took the cylinder off the car, and stripped it down. It was reasonably clean, with a little black deposit from the seal.I but it back together, bled it, realised there was a small amount of lateral movement on the bracket, so I took care get it as straight as possible. Anyway it’s now performing perfectly. So no gearbox out this time ,great. Thanks everybody for all the help. Cameron
  8. Cameron

    Slipping Clutch

    Thanks Tim When I did a full restoration of this car over 20 years ago I renewed everything within the hydraulic systems, new pipes, cylinders the lot.So this car has only know Dot 5. The only issue I have had with Dot 5 was with the brakes. I was checking the master cylinder and notice a brown pool on the floor of the reservoir.I had to flush all the fluid out and replace with fresh, been fine since.
  9. Cameron

    Slipping Clutch

    Hi Roger Dot 5 ,I know not everyone’s cup of tea, although I wouldn’t think a factor here,or could it be?
  10. Cameron

    Slipping Clutch

    Thanks Tim, flexible hose 18 months old ,so should be ok.
  11. Cameron

    Slipping Clutch

    Update time Firstly Mike, this was the 2nd oil change since the box was out and checked. Anyway today after a delay because the courier driver couldn’t fine me yesterday, I got my fresh oil.If you remember the photo earlier in this thread of the slave cylinder showed the piston pushed out, anyway I pushed the piston back in and fitted the rod. When I then took the car for a run,I had to pump the clutch pedal as air had got in.I didn’t bother bleeding the clutch because I was convinced the gearbox was coming out in the next few days.Well I couldn’t get the clutch to slip and when I tried the 3rd gear test again as before the car stalled. I had checked the slave a number of times and when I did there was free movement however I didn’t have anyone at the time to operate the clutch while I was under the car to see what happened immediately after the pedal was released. I assume with air in the system the slave isn’t moving as far and therefore coming back more quickly, just my thought, any ideas and also solutions.
  12. https://bowtie6.com/ws/tr6_pics/exterior/gallery1/slides/pic-007.html This was the first time I saw a hood without quarter window, always liked the look just wondered how it effect the light, and feel.
  13. Thanks, this photo was take just after the gearbox was removed about 18 months ago.This is the slipping Clutch problem from my other thread. From what I remember it clean up, however I’ll see when the box comes out again.Am now convinced that the main clutch is the problem.
  14. Hi All Just looking for comments on the surface condition of this flywheel Thanks
  15. Cameron

    Slipping Clutch

    Thanks again all Well tomorrow I fill with fresh oil, check the slave operation and take it from there,I will let you all know what I find.
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