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  1. Hi All Just returned from getting my 1971 Tr6 through its MOT. I’ve been using the same garage for this annual ritual for 20 years,and I’m glad to say the car has never failed. Today when I returned I discovered the place had changed hands, I was faced with new tester fresh from passing his MOT training course . It didn’t start well, he thought there was too much play in the steering, however eventually agreed that it was probably just about ok. Then on to my main worry, the front wheel bearings. Yes he thought there was too much play there as well. Next he checked over the chassis, and then told me the system was telling his to check the exhaust hydrocarbon level. Well I said for years this had always been just a visual examination.Anyway he hooked it up and the level seemed to be outside the range as the figure turned red, however once it finished it said it had passed. At this stage I wasn’t sure what was going on, then he told me that was it done, and the car had passed with and advisory for the wheel bearings and steering. So no check on Brakes ,Lights, Rear hubs, Horn, Wipers Washers, Seatbelts, etc. So what’s going on.I was so taken aback,I just paid up, and left, didn’t really have an opportunity to question the process. Is this some cut down MOT for cars that are exempt, or does this guy not know what he’s doing. I’ve checked the government website and its all there,Passed with advisories. Any thoughts? Cameron
  2. Hi Trevor By chance I’ve been doing the same today, had all the lenses through the dishwasher without being caught. Not recommending doing that except on a gentle low temp setting, have been some reported problems. I’m not familiar with the one piece gasket ( probably forgotten)that you are referring to , mine and separate, however I intend using a non setting black windscreen sealer when they go back on, and making sure the nuts are tightened evenly to create a good seal. Regards Cameron
  3. Hi Steve Welcome to the forum. Those wheels do look very nice on your car, mine was that colour for a lot of years until I decided to but it back to its original Damson. I have decided to go with genuine Minilites. Thanks for the photo Cameron
  4. Hi Derek Thanks for those photos,I remember speaking to Craig at Harrogate,I think ,nice guy and lovely car. Csmeron
  5. Thanks All I had just about made my mind up to go for the true minilites ,but was curious how the Revolution wheels looked on a dark coloured car. They do look great on Guys car ( Thanks Stuart),however I’ll check on Monday and see how long I’ll have to wait to get the Minilites. Thanks Mark for finding that picture, I had a hunt on line as well but didn’t see that one. As Stuart said it is sitting high front and back, must feel like your driving on your tip toes. Tom, I bought the copies ten years ago because at the time Minilite were only making them in small batches and I would have had to wait 4 to 5 months to get them, hopefully better now. Cheers Cameron
  6. Hi All I appreciate that the subject of wheels has been done to death, however what I’m looking for is any photographs of a Damson Tr6 fitted with Revolution wheels. At present my car is on Minilite copies,so I’m looking at either genuine Minilites or the Revolutions. Thanks Cameron
  7. I remember that date,the day after my 20th birthday,what a hangover, although the weather was great. Congratulations on the new car,looks great Cameron
  8. Steve Where about are you? Regards Cameron
  9. Organising a Birthday Party, 80 years old on the 17th of April Cameron
  10. That’s what I used,works a treat. Cameron
  11. Cameron


    Thanks Richard,I’ll have a look at mine when I get a change, retired now, seem to have less time than before. Thought I might get some stick about the yellow, glad I’m not alone. Cameron
  12. Best idea,I did that last year and the service was great,I think I had the cover and plate back within around 8 Days.All working perfectly. Cameron
  13. I fitted one of these last year,so much better. Cameron
  14. Cameron


    Hello Richard I also have the Racetoration rocker cover on my car and have been trying to resolve the problem of what I thought was noisy tappets. I must have a look and see if I also have witness marks,if so I’ll do the same as you. Is that engine block really yellow, what ever next ?? Look forward to seeing you over the summer. Cameron
  15. Hi Jeroen As you say,this has been asked a number of times.If you search the word Satin you will find what your looking for. Regards Cameron
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