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  1. Hector I have sent you a PM ( personal message) - go to the envelope icon in the top RH corner of this page, and click on it - this will open up your personal forum mailbox. Cameron.
  2. Cameron

    Catweazle TR6!

    Nice colour, obviously!
  3. Cameron


    I’ll second that, Tr Shop carpets are a good quality for the price. I would also suggest you consider what your putting under the carpet.
  4. Some good news. Excellent !! Best Regards Cameron
  5. Still waiting. As it happens I don’t mind waiting a little longer. Cameron
  6. Interesting article. I’m I right in saying I remember one of these cars being at an international in the mid 70s. Cameron.
  7. If I remember correctly this is a US spec car you have and you were intending upgrading the engine. What have you done, or what are you intending to do. Efi is certainly a consideration, if your happy with that sort of approach, however personally for me if it’s not Pi then carbs would be my choice. If you have no previous experience with Weber’s then it’s important to appreciate what your taking on.I’ve been using them since the mid 70s, firstly on a Lotus Cortina then on my Tr6 and I’m still learning. I would say only go this route if your prepared to take on the extra learning and enjoy it Having said all that, once the Weber’s are set up properly they are very reliable and car be reasonably economical, particularly when touring. Last year three of us covered 2500miles across France and Spain, my car and two PIs, I used the least fuel. However give the car a bit of welly and your down in the mid teens MPG. I would recommend you watch this series of videos .This guy explains things well and will answer a lot of your questions. Cameron
  8. I’ve been impressed with this stuff over the years Cameron
  9. Thanks again all, the Other gaskets mentioned above do not fit the Racetorations cover,I did look at the Rimmers one at Stratford last year and it was much wider. My only concern was that Darryl wasn’t sure his current O ring gasket would work with the older flat groove covers, however Steve has found it can seal reliably. l’ve ordered one, however there out of stock, so could be a long wait. Cameron
  10. Thanks, I’ll do that Cameron
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