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  1. Had to replace the ballast resistor on mine, prior to a complete failure the car was always slow to start, now fires first prod.
  2. On a price for performance basis the TR6 has been under priced for a while. Labour costs for restoration have also risen. Lets hope TR6 buyers areTR^ users not speculators
  3. For some reason the passengers side window rear roller came out of the lifting mechanism, I have refitted it (without too much swearing). I could do with about another 5 to 10 mm raising of the glass to get a better seal to the soft top. How do I go about this? Thanks in anticipation .
  4. Polarising sunglasses for during the day. \clean the glass on the instruments inside and out
  5. richard26

    DVLA V888

    They replied to my recent enquiry within 4 weeks
  6. I have fitted Mark 1 Mx5 seats to my TR6. Using the TR Trader brackets I had to cut off the cone shaped locating pins from the Mx5 seat runners and then straighten the runners. The brackets were bolted to the Tr, and the Mx5 seats dropped on to the brackets, the seat height can be adjusted a bit using washers provided for the brackets.
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    thanks everyone, Richard
  8. richard26


    Jonny, who did you send it to for the service?
  9. richard26


    Coming back from a great weekend away the odometer stopped working, the speedo still indicates the speed and in a lot less 'shaky' than before. The trip meter also does not turn when driving but resets when turning the twister on the little cable. Any ideas, advice appreciated.
  10. I thought that was what overdrive 2nd was for.
  11. I put this question on the MX5oc site, the recommendation was for antibacterial hair shampoo. Yes I know I am worth it.
  12. Has anyone had some of these from Harringtons for more than a few years? If so how have they worn? Do they scratch easily? thanks Richard
  13. Just for info, I went to Jacksons in Kendal who seem to be old school proper mechanics. (it passed hooray)
  14. The 6 is due for its 1st MOT with me next month. Are there any recommendations for a classic friendly garage in Kendal.
  15. Is there an easy way of getting at the 3 screws (and presumably nuts underneath)that hold the hinge of the flap. I want to replace the rubber seal. Thanks richard
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