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  1. You're right though Mike. This is really just a log book and a full set of (probably high quality) repro parts. Not much different from what jag and Aston Martin are doing with their continuation runs.
  2. Surely people put "5/250" so they hit both searches? That's just like Amazon putting "you searched for iPad, but here are some other tablets you might be interested in, as good but cheaper", no? What's the problem with that? Do you really think that's someone trying to pass off one as the other? I certainly don't, it's just smart marketing. When I bought my 250, almost 30 years ago, it was just because I loved the Michelotti design. I didn't care whether it was a 4, 4a or 5. I didn't even know what a 250 was. I saw the listing in exchange and mart, found out about it (pre Google), thought "why not?" and went to see. I would totally have been snagged by the dual title, and be pleased to have been! At that time all four models were about the same price (within a few hundred quid). I thought this one was the right car for me, so I bought it. If it'd plumped for a 4a it would now be worth £10k less; if I'd found a 5 it'd be worth £10k more. That's luck for you. Who can explain that price difference? Noone here is paying the extra £10k just for the two extra cylinders are they? And another ten for the extra bhp? You could get that and more on a 4a for a lot less than 20 grand. More "desirable"? Why? Surely it's just that because of their rarity 5s have become "collectable". I don't see that as a great thing - I'd rather hear people talking about what they've done with their cars than what the gross yield before tax and after costs is. The problem I see is that as they become more valuable you'll stop seeing them on the roads, they'll all be tucked up in air conditioned multi car garages where their perfect paint won't get chipped. And who wants that? So for me, I'm very happy to have my not-5 and enjoy driving it, stone chips and all.
  3. Absolute bargain compared to this at the weekend : https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic/saturday-16th-june-2018/1968-triumph-tr5-pi/
  4. mleyland

    TR5 Grille

    I stand corrected though, no starting handle hole means they're different
  5. mleyland

    TR5 Grille

    Roger or bill... Who knows most? What would Harry hill do? https://youtu.be/Vb3fidgpGy8
  6. mleyland

    TR5 Grille

    I don't think the sharp vs rounded profile is a 4a vs 5 differentiator. There was a discussion on this forum a few years back on the subject (which I can no longer find), but the Bill Piggot book is of the view that 5s and 250s had both. I believe the rounded profile grill on my 250 is original, and it doesn't have the hole for a starting handle.
  7. mleyland

    TR5 Grille

    It's the same grill as a 4a except sprayed matt black on the non leading edges. So buy one for a 4a and get your spray can out?
  8. Haha, not exactly what I had in mind but thanks anyway :-)
  9. OK, appreciate that. Sounds well worth investigating
  10. Hasn't thought of that, will give it some consideration.
  11. More in hope than expectation you think?
  12. I have a TR250 on the original twin Strombergs. I'm not looking to go very very fast, but it is a sports car after all so I'm thinking about a change. Better fuel economy would be useful too. The way I see it there are 3 options. A shiny new pair of SUs like this: http://sucarb.co.uk/conversion-replacement-sets/triumph/pair-of-hs6-carburettors-for-a-triumph-tr6-tr250-usa-spec-conversion-set-from-cd-strombergs.html Original-ish insofar as found on other Triumphs, and won't look out of place, but not really much extra oomph - not taking the sites claims as gospel. Should be easy to do, and easy to change back should I ever want to sell (unlikely in all honesty). Convert to TR5 spec Lucas mechanical PI. Again, original-ish, though I don't like the idea of trying to dress it up as something it's not. More powerful, though probably no less thirsty. Temperamental perhaps? Not sure how easily available the parts would be either. Left field option: efi, something like this: https://sites.google.com/a/mintylamb.co.uk/triumph2000efi/home You've got to think it would be more powerful and less thirsty than either of the other options - two ticks. Nil points for originality, although doesn't look totally out of place. Not easily reversible, but how important is that? Anyone like to chip in with an opinion?
  13. 250 seats don't recline.... But then I don't think 6 ones do either. I think they're the same seats, slightly different covers, plus head rests. At £20 it's got to be worth a go hasn't it?
  14. Mines the same as yours... On right off wheel, off at the top
  15. I'd say they're 5s. Badge cluster on the boot looks like it has an injection one in there, and bonnet badge looks wide at top (250s are other way up) Very groovy though
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