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  1. Is it non overdrive gearbox? You need different oil types
  2. Hi all, thank you last question, what cylinder liner tool do you use to remove liners easily? thanks in advance.
  3. I have added my comments above and underlined. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi all, ive cleaned up my block and I’ve notice two issues. Pictures in the links. 1) where the liners meet the block, there is corrosion, will this cause any issues with sealing or should I get it skimmed? Also what headgasket would you recommend? 2) the figure of 8. There is marks where the gasket will go. People have said use jb weld? Can someone also explain how you get protrusion on the liner height correct when you need to use sealant? Or just use welseal after a dry check protrusion check? Thank you https://ibb.co/2qGmw1T https://ibb.co/L9
  5. Thanks Andy. I presume the code is for the direct website if so I’ll try it as it would be a great price!
  6. Hi all, has anyone used these before? They come with ARP bolts which is also helpful. https://www.maxpeedingrods.co.uk/product/high-performance-triumph-tr3-tr4-4340-en24-chrome-moly-forged-h-beam-connecting-rods-conrod-with-arp-bolts-x4pcs.html? thank you.
  7. Hi all, i have spoken with a variety of people on engine specifications and opinion varies massively, therefore i was hoping for some honest unbiased opinions on engine builds. Before i summarise this, if anyone would like to recommend an engine builder in the Midlands that would be helpful. The purpose of the car is to be a fun, reliable car that will take some abuse. It will be accompanied with a LSD, HS6 carbs, strengthened chassis, twin valve rear dampers and a better braking setup. I want it to be relatively quick from 20mph to 60mph. therefore i have the following que
  8. Hi all, I am planning to rebuild my late fathers 1964 TR4 engine and I have encountered a few issues/questions which I don't know which to go with. After stripping the engine down, which was a fairly easy task, I attempted to remove the liners. All but the fourth liner moved quite easily. The corrosion around the fourth liner was horrific and i really struggled to remove it, but sheer determination got it out. Once removed, I cleaned the "crud" off and saw the seat of the liner corroded away sections of the block. I am firstly concerned about the level of block corrosion and if this
  9. Regarding the auto box. Ill look into the 2500 saloon. The BW 65 wont fit the tr4 According to moss brothers.- even thought im sure the bw 65 was from a 2500??? Finding a auto box is a big if at the moment. which is awful. Thank you for trye sizes.
  10. hello im currently looking for a automatic gearbox setup for the tr4. Ive been told i can fit a dolmite box if i use tr4 housing? this true? or any other straight fit? Ive also been told might be easier just to change the tr4 engine to a stag engine with auto box? Im just after a auto box setup cheers Also 15x 5.5 wheels what trye size should i run which these? thanks
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