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  1. Well, I have to first apologise for not replying sooner but afraid other things have happened which have had to take precedence. Okay well I checked the enrichment lever was stuck but that was not the cause of the problem. the plugs were filthy and looked very oily. Did not like the look of this so is it fuel related? decided to revisit my local garage. I use super unleaded in my car and when I checked the pump that I used it was super diesel. Well i felt a right pr**t. Back to the garage drained flushed the tank and the fuel lines, flushed the injectors. In goes the new fuel, to make sure I had not got it wrong again I used ordinary unleaded. Cleaned the plugs. Turned the key and it would not fire. took out the plugs and thoroughly cleaned them again. Still would not fire. Recharged the battery, and this time changed the plugs. Fired beautifully and running well again. My advice if using super unleaded check very carefully because in my experience the super diesel looks like petrol and does not have the distinctive diesel smell. Many thanks to all for the excellent advice. Andy
  2. Many thanks for the replies. The first thing I thought was did I put diesel in, but I remember spilling some on the boot lid and when I wiped it off it was petrol. I will do a compression test over the weekend and check for brake fluid leakage. Will let you know the results.
  3. Help, took the car out for a quick spin ( the first of the year) and disaster. Started up and only firing on 5 cylinders but was clearing. Drove to garage to put in fuel and the misfiring had stopped. Drove to the local for one pint ( I had driven approx 2 miles). Came out half an hour later, car started okay but within a few hundred yard stated misfiring and backfiring and if I took my foot off the throttle it would stall, but started okay. i was only a few hundred yards from home so decided to get home. Light grey smoke stared emitting from the exhaust that did not smell good. Got home and put car in garage and nearly cried. Anybody any ideas where I should start. Initially I was going to get the head off, but as far as I know it has never been off, certainly in the 11 years I have had it. It is a 1974 TR6 pi and has covered 72000 miles.
  4. Mamy, many thanks. I have finally managed to do it. When IO was a teenager I owned a mini. That came in handy as I used my fiddle fingers ( although they are more like sausages these days) and eventually managed it. The trick I used was to get the inner cable in first and then try to get the knurled 'nut' (for the want of a better word) . What a performance, but it is on and working. Many thanks for all the help I am now soaking my scraped knuckles, its sharp under there. Andy
  5. Hello, I am trying ti fit the longer speedo cable to my TR6 without using an angle drive. I have removed the angle drive and old speedo cable by using the access plate on the tunnel but am having problems fitting the cable. Do this have to be done from underneath, or does the tunnel need to come out? Any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Andy
  6. Hi I know I am asking the impossible but does anyone have or know of a source foe the air ventilation bezel and grille for a tr6 hard top. i have everything else but these seem to be as rare as rocking horse poo. Andy
  7. thanks, have had the flu, proper flu not man flu. must have addled the brain. Many thanks Andy
  8. Hi I am lucky enough to own a 1974 Tr6. managed to source an original hardtop, have now had it resprayed but have to fit the new headliner. Is this a job for the experts or a job I can tackle myself. Any contributions are very welcome. Andy Taylor
  9. I have just got my hardtop back from the sprayers and have to fix a new headliner. Does anyone have any experience of fitting these. if so are there any pointers you could advise.
  10. Hi Oh gurus, I have the replacement switch offered by various suppliers. I have found the quality to be fairly poor. I have had a go at repairing it as it had seized up. When I took it apart I was appalled at the quality especially as they are now retailing at £80. Unfortunately when I put it back together I can only get single speed. i think this might be that I have wired it up incorrectly. It has four contacts at the back numbered 1-4. I have searched the forum but cannot find the wiring diagram. Can anyone please tell me which wire goes on each number. Andy
  11. Problem over, bought one from Marco. really good unit. Will keep the other in the spares box. Many thanks Andy
  12. Thanks Marco. Have sent you an email at classic_marks. Andy
  13. Yes, they are the ones in and under the dash Andy
  14. It's the second one tr6 red .003jpg. I will give them a try Pete. thanks very much for the advice.
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