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  1. Dean

    Photos of car

    What a great looking job. Every detail looks right on. Seeing some great work there. The shop also shows the attention to detail that is done there. Dean T.
  2. I remember during the early 60's there were a lot of 42s on the market because Maserati stopped using them. A big supplier in the US, BAP-GEON, bought a lot of them and sold kits for the TR3 and TR4 using them. They also were used on Morgans. I bought a set in 1964 for my TR3A and are still using them. Never had any problem getting any chokes or other pieces. Right now they are on the race engine I just pulled out of my Warwick GT. Dean
  3. Dean

    I've Been Robbed

    A drill bit that will fit the shaft and cut a little shorter then the shaft diameter will work fine. Also I make the vent to the gearbox a little larger to help keep the pressure from forcing the oil past the shaft O-rings.
  4. If you want to make the vents like the factory did it, get a copy of the book "The Works Triumphs" by Graham Robson and look on page 116. There is a nice picture of the vent tunnel angling down to clear the fender ridge. The grill also mounts in the tunnel and not in the fender. The fender mounts flush up to the grill. Dean
  5. Patton Machine in the US makes a nice kit for this. http://www.pattonmachine.com/TAK.htm I have used it and really keeps the drill and tap correctly located. A lot of US clubs have bought it and pass it among the members. Dean
  6. Send me your EMail and I can send you pictures of either or both badges. Dean tr3a58@verizon.net
  7. I think the diaphragm clutch use's a different throw out bearing and bearing carrier. Did you change those to match the pressure plate? Check some part numbers. Dean T.
  8. There is an Italia for sale on E-Bay US. Looks to be complete car with some rust. Dean T.
  9. Dean

    Engine Overheating

    It could be that the voltage stabilizer is bad. It should put 10 volts on the gauge. it will also make the fuel gauge read high also. It is mounted on the back of the speedometer on the TR6. Must have a good ground to the mounting tab. Dean T.
  10. I put a throttle body fuel injection system on my TR4 several years ago. Really drives good with this set up. Not so much more power but no hesitation or warm up needed. Controls the mixture and timing. A short write up on our web site www.theukmotorsports.com Click on "this week in the shop" then look under "popular projects" Dean
  11. Don If it has vent windows it is a phase 2. Looks like it has them from the picture. Let me know if you have any other questions. Dean The Warwick will be racing April 13-15 at VIR.
  12. Dean


    The 4A and later gearbox's had a shorter nose piece. this holds the front seal and the throw out bearing carrier slides on it. It is shorter to clear the fingers of the 4A pressure plate. If you have a later gearbox it may already have the shorter nose piece. Dean Warwick GT TR6 TR4 TR3
  13. The part # is 500594. The same o ring is used on each end. The parts books only show the solenoid side. It is under the side cover on the solenoid side. Requires removing the solenoid and cover. If not leaking on that side I would leave that until you need to be in there for another reason. Love that OD, keep that fluid clean and filter clean and it will last for years. Dean
  14. There is an O ring behind the little leaver. Drive out the split pin, remove the leaver and replace the o ring. Not easy but I have done it in the car. Dean
  15. It is usually the rear shoes moving back & forth. Adjusting the shoes will decrease the amount of movement and also give a tighter hand brake. Adjust using the square head screw thru the backing plate.
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