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  1. I am currently fitting a Smiths heater, bought on the forum several years ago, to my 1958 Tr3a. Unfortunately I am missing the short screen vent duct that sits between the main outlet on the bottom plate and the Y piece. The duct positions the Y piece in an upward direction. Before making one I thought I would ask if anyone has such a part available. Kind Regards Alan
  2. Hi Des My hardtop is an original steel one. I understand from forum posts and from talking to register members that a spring steel roof bow was fitted to reduce drumming. I am not sure if it was fitted to all hardtops. I assumed that there was two bows but now understand that only one was fitted. Regards Alan
  3. Hi all I am preparing a hardtop for my Tr3a and have all the parts except for the two roof bows. Does anyone have a spare roof bow(s) for sale, or one that they are happy to measure/ photograph to help me make new bows. Regards Alan
  4. Thanks for you comments on eBay and head alternatives. Buying on ebay is never easy as I prefer to see the parts before buying. I have however bought parts from Register members without inspecting and have never been disapointed. Regards Alan
  5. Hi Stuart Thanks for your reply. Did you have inserts fitted to the inlet and exhaust or just the exhaust. Is there an engineering/ welding company that you would recommend. Regards Alan
  6. Hi all I have just removed the head on my 1958 Tr3a high port engine and found a crack between the valve seats on number 3 cylinder. No inserts are fitted.The crack extends approx 8mm down the exhaust and 4mm down the inlet port. I believe my alternatives are to have the crack welded/ machined by a specialist firm or to replace the head. Has anyone had experience of having a similar head crack repaired. If anyone has a spare high port cylinder head that they are willing to part with, please PM me. Regards Alan
  7. Hi Tom and Graham Thanks for your comments. I am looking at a Tr3a this weekend, which has a hardtop fitted, to get a better idea of how it is installed and what parts are needed. Regards Alan
  8. Hi. I would like to fit a hardtop to my Tr3a when I have finished the body restoration. The car goes to the painters later this year. I believe my options are to try and find an original steel hardtop or to buy a new fibre glass one. Advice on what problems I might find fitting and using a fibre glass hardtop would be appreciated. Thanks Alan
  9. Hi Peter and Pete Thank you for your replies. When the hanging kit arrives I will loosely fit the exhaust system and see what lines up. Regards Alan
  10. I am currently fitting a Moss Tourist Trophy exhaust system to my 1974 Tr6 (with overdrive). The system is similar in design to the standard exhaust with cross box at the rear. The removed exhaust system did not have a support fitted at the gearbox. I intend fitting the 'standard exhaust' hanging system which clamps the two pipes between an upper and lower plate which then attaches to the gearbox via a 'support strap ' part number UKC878. Can anyone please advise where on the gearbox/ overdrive does the support strap attach. Regards Alan
  11. Hi I have now found a way to remove overdrive mount. I removed metalastic top nuts, slackened engine mounts and jacked up rear of overdrive. This gave access to the nuts that hold the mount bracket to the overdrive. I was then able to remove main mount bracket - job done ( but may not be the correct method). Regards Alan
  12. Hi all. Help needed. I am removing the gearbox from a 1974 Tr6 with overdrive. The overdrive mount has two metalastic bobbins at 45 degrees. The small crossmember does not look like it will drop downwards due to being located between the chassis bracket and floorpan. My question is how do I remove the rear mount? Regards Alan
  13. Hi John PM sent. I think I inadvertently blocked PM sent yesterday Regards Alan
  14. Hi John Will send PM tonight Thanks Alan
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