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  1. cp7535he


    Hi waldi ~ ok checked my used black seal and looking at a slight angle it reads as 15 not 16 not sure it if was the mould number or my eyes so it is 15 x 24 x 7 cheers robin
  2. cp7535he


    Thanks Waldi I intend to fit these brown Viton seals. It is not only Revington , its Rimmer , Moss and TRGB [have not checked with TrShop ] They all flog the back version ~ its kinda ironic , given that Chris Witor does specialise on the Triumph saloons. Not sure if Neill Ferguson [ K Raven Smith on Ebay] refits PI distributor drives . All the PI drive pedestals I have taken off over the years have shown black seals so finding out about the brown Viton ones is interesting. Either way I may well ask Revingtons about the black ones ~ all helps with the 'knowledge' cheers robin
  3. cp7535he


    Good points ,the chris witor link is very useful as Prestige use the brown version in their overhauls My black ones are from Revington and are the correct size . Rimmers offer the same type The size/s being on one of the seals taken out. 16 24 7 Thanks everyone, I guess that draws my enquiry to a conclusion.
  4. cp7535he


    Anyone fitted the Pi distrib drive seals ~ there are two of them . These seals are hard to the touch p/ n ref 145720 The seal nearest the distrib is the more differcult of the two to put in without distorting it . Thanks
  5. thanks everyone , just hoped that a resto bod would have a few seal kits left however will chase up the info given which is a great help ~ anyone else having great tips all will be welcome robin gwtr
  6. I have a Clarke trolly jack MODEL CTJ1250A Anyone know where I can get a seal kit ? Machine Mart say these seals are NLA as of 2 years ago and the current seal kit for the CTJ1250 B model is incompatible Tried Clarkes themselves ~ no go Any one know of a car jack restoration service Thanks robin gwtr west sussex
  7. anyone using the hessian type underlay alternative any pointers as to suppliers of modern alternatives for a CR thanks in advance robin, west sussex
  8. thanks every one I will start the process to the DVLA via post using V137.. cheers robin
  9. cp7535he

    Heater motor

    I have redone my heater on my 6. The Heater resistor may need replacing If this is so on yours and you need a new one as per original design I have one ~pics on request . cheers robin. cringle@waitrose.com
  10. I have a 73 M reg Tr6 , its taxed under the heritage sysytem. In 1987 I changed the plates. I want to have the original M number plate reinstated onto it and to keep the personalised plate on it now on retention. The V137 is for taking it off and the retention part Anyone familiar with the right DVLA form / process for the re instatement of the original plates. I have pics and a photocopy of the orginal Reg paperwork. thanks ~ robin
  11. pic as requested , send pm if more wanted, close ups etc etc robin goodwood tr group
  12. cp7535he

    cp or cr

    Anyone know on the CR Tr 6 body build date or chassis number when the change from the CP wiring loom changed to the CR wiring loom ,not on mine ie certainly not in early april 1973 . There are differences in bulb holders for the dash gauges and the ignition switch wiring, to be watched out for when ordering a new loom. robin gwtr
  13. found and decided to use JDO website as they offer a sponge gasket that will fit between the glass under the bezel www.jdo1.com [a lot cheaper than usa Nisonger] so end of search thanks everyone
  14. doing my tr6 dash gauges, looked at some of the forum tips Nisonger ,USA do flat bezel gauge seals ~Bezel Gasket gasket sets , 2 x 125mm & 4 x 52mm Gauges I have a small length of , round cross section 'rubber' cord seal but wonder if anyone knows if there is a UK supplier of the flat seals. Any tips on restting the bezel to the gauge body ~ tapp the tabs, or just twist it on ? cheers robin Gtwr
  15. You may want to check out your distributor type they have different advance curves Your distributor number is stamped on the casing eg 41306 B 21-70 41306 is the spec and 21-70 represents the 21st week in 1970 it was made For Lucas Cr Tr distributor its 22D6 41501E The Cp Tr would be 41219 A further check with the Distributor Doc may be advantageous
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