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  1. A conclusion at last !!! With the help of friends on the forum, specially Bill A and Mike G, I can confirm that the anti rattle clips supplied in the TRW kit from Classic Parts Trader via ebay do fit original TR6 calipers and 1/4" pins although to get the pin through the clip it's a bit tight as they're designed for the smaller pins supplied in the kit. However a result for me and no more rattly disc pads . Thanks for all the suggestions and advice. ... Nuts ...
  2. Bill, The odd clip I have just doesn't quite fit right and is a bit short to get right under the pins, as I said I'm now banking on the TRW kit and hoping that it fits ok, looking at the TRW photo on e-bay and the German one you sent me they do appear to be a slightly different shape to the one I have. It's strange how the usual TR suppliers don't have these clips in their fitting kits anymore. ... Nuts ...
  3. Bill, I've just got the clip resting there for the photo, it's the only clip I have and I don't know where it came from. I'm now waiting for delivery of the TRW kit from e-bay that Mike G kindly put me onto and hopefully if they fit nice and snug that'll be a job done. ... Nuts ...
  4. The attach low quality pics show: IMG_ARC1: The one wire clip that I have that won't fit 1/4" pins IMG_ARC2: The same wire clip resting on the calliper but you can't get the 1/4" pins through it no matter how hard you try IMG_ARC3: An Escort clip that isn't long enough (front to back) but might be persuaded to fit after a bit of hammering ... Nuts ...
  5. Chris, I phoned Revingtons today and spoke to Bill who was very helpful, he spent some time discussing the issue with me and checked the contents of their parts rsp2750 or gbk1003, he told be that neither kit contained anti rattle clips, I asked him if he was sure and he said yes he was. So unfortunately another dead end! My current three options are i) to try and modify the Escort clips and make them fit, or ii) when the TWR ones arrive if they are for 1/4" pins hallelujah or if for 3/16" pin fit the wrong size pins or iii) give up my quest and learn to love the sound of rattling disc pa
  6. Mike, I've gone straight to the link and bought the item! Thanks very much for pointing this out. I knew with help from the forum I'd get there eventually. HOWEVER, I suspect the kit will only fit with smaller 3/16" dia pins supplied for later models and not with the 1/4" dia ones for early models that I have fitted, my car is CP26071. Never mind though if it does the job safely it will have to do as all other avenues have come to a dead end at the moment. I will update this stream when they arrive. Thanks Again ... Nuts ...
  7. John, My friendly local Motor Factor let me search through their brake kit boxes today and I found a Ferodo kit for "All Escort Models". As it is it won't fit because it won't straddle the pins (the clips are about 1/4 inch short each end (front to back), 1/2 inch in total) but ... with some adjustment i.e. flatten all the curvy bits I may be able to get them to stretch just enough to fit. By the way these are the 'pressed out of sprung flat plate type' rather than the 'wire type'. I'll get some pictures on here asap if I can work out how to do it. Still not there yet but I won't gi
  8. Bill, I phoned Moss this morning and they haven't got any GRPFK5 kits and don't know when they'll be in. So I phoned Rimmers who said their equivalent of the GRPFK5 kit was split across two kits (one for pins and one for shims) the guy was very helpful this time went and looked in the boxes and came back to tell me that neither contained anti rattle clips. ARRGGGHHHH ... Nuts ...
  9. Chris, This is weird because I phoned them on Friday and the guy who answered the phone said they did do/have any anti rattle clips although he didn't take the time to look in and boxes. I will phone again on Monday morning referencing the part nos you suggest. Thanks for the lead ... Nuts ...
  10. Bill, Thanks for persevering with me, I will follow up your suggestions (specially part no. GRPFK5) and let you know how I get on. ... Nuts ...
  11. Mark/Bill, I have original imperial calipers so the TWR kit won't fit as it is designed for smaller diameter pins. I have just phoned Moss (Bristol & Bradford) and they both said the clips were not part of their fitting kit!!! they offered no further help. Rimmers totally blanked me on the subject even though there is a picture of the flippin things on page 81 of their parts catalogue. Ferodo technical didn't have a clue and Apec Braking specialists suggested I try Ferodo. Every avenue I have tried I've drawn a blank but I won't give up. I think my best chance at the moment is
  12. Bill, I can confirm the pin retaining clips are fitted !!! (Joke). Sounds like you do have fitted to your 6 what I am desperately trying to get my hands on so you've given me some hope they're out there somewhere. ..... Just looked at the picture on page 81 of a Rimmers catalogue and I can see them there . All I've got to do now is get my hands on them! Thanks very much for your help.
  13. John, This sounds like a promising lead, I'll definitely be following up your suggestion - Thanks
  14. I fitted new front wheel bearings last winter (the pads rattled before they were fitted). During the cars winter lay up I have already tweaked the slotted bearing nuts, both only needed turning by one flat (if that) after 2,500 miles.
  15. Brian, Thanks for the suggestion but I think this may be going off the subject a bit, I will however bear it in mind.
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