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  1. Bendirk

    Chattering MU

    Thanks for the advice. Running the car this summer and do some overhaul coming winter. Greetings from Ben
  2. Bendirk

    Chattering MU

    Just a question about the mu. The car in running fine with a chattering mu Is that something I have to worry about. Thanks for any advice. Ben
  3. Hallo Peter, Thanks for your offer but from now on I'll feed the engine with Ron 98 of even Ron 102 so I don't have the need to recurve the distributor Moreover I'ill run a check on the fuel pressure and flow. Greetings from Ben
  4. Hi Peter Thanks for your answer. I had already "studied" your very interesting explanation about lean burning and thought I understood the principle. But I was thinking that if the pump could not deliver enough fuel ( 16 gal/h at 110 psi) this could lead to a lean mixture. Reading your answer this is not the case. I gave my car to a good friend for some days. Probably he had used Euro 95 fuel instead of Euro 98 and after that mentioned the pinking. I now have the opportunity to use even 102 Ron fuel and that wil cure the problem Thanks for your help and advice Greeting from Ben
  5. My Pi friends and I had a discussion about the influence of the fuel pressure and flow in relation to engine knock. In other words can a bad performing pump cause engine knocking?? I am happy with an answer from the motherland of my fine running Triumph Pi (cp) Greetings and thanks Ben de Groot
  6. Hi My Bosch 909 died due to debris (no prefilter, stupid me ) I have just fitted a QSP 580 909 "High flow competition pump" It is a lookalike of the Bosch 909 with the same connections and I hope the same specs. Up to now it is working fine. QSP advices a prefilter. Cost only € 76,00 including shipping Greetings Ben
  7. Hello Snowy, Many thanks for your extended answer and the picture.You gave me some new ideas about plumbing the PI fuel system. I bought a new SS fuel tank and that is a good opportunity to also rearrange the old piping. Greetings Ben de Groot
  8. Hello Bruce Many thanks for your useful answer.I have many challenges this winter. Greetings Ben
  9. Many thanks to all of you. Useful tips how to find leaking petrol. I have something to do and to smell this winter Greetings from Ben
  10. Hi Peter, Thanks for your advice.I have already replaced the filter by a Bosch filter and perhaps the is an expert on the forum who can explain fuel fittings. Greetings from Ben
  11. My name is Ben de Groot from the Netherlands and I am a very happy TR6 PI CP owner for many years. But I now have a problem I cannot solve. As a frequent reader I have tried to find an answer on the forum to my problem. But I did not succeed. So here comes my first question. I want to replace all high pressure rubber hoses by PTFE tubes By doing this I hope the petrol smell in the back of my TR will disappear. My problem is that I cannot find the right thread sizes of the connections in my PI. E.G Bosch pump (Found = mm) to the pressure relief valve. (Diaphragm Type from Prestige) The threads to and from the Bosch filters (mm) are know by me. The hose connections I want to use for the Teflon lines have AN (3,4,5,6) sizes. Do I need adapters from BSP or UNF or MM to AN sizes. I ‘am lost !!! Thanks in advance for your advice Ben de Groot
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