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  1. TR friends Just a summary of my latest experiences. So far: Ignition key off :0(zero) volt on the ignition coil. So no “running-on” As I was not sure if the pump was always stopping replaced pump relay (only 9 amp) as a precaution. Points are burned-in (see picture) the relay might stick sometimes with power switched off. causing “dieseling” with glowing spark plugs/carbon parts. Last Wednesday a hot day (25 C) made a day trip of 230 km. 1. Engine is running super. Starts well even hot. 2.Pump (Bosch0580464126) does not suffer from cavitations.
  2. Thank you all for the advices Due to circumstances project is On Hold Greetings Ben
  3. Dear Triumph friends Too hot to walk in the forest let alone driving the triumph. still investigating your suggestions and ideas. I will come back with my findings Greetings from Ben 32 C in the shadow.
  4. John I have Bosch WR7DTC installed up to now no problems. Sorry must be W7LTCR Greetings Ben
  5. Hi Waldi I give it a try. Using Shell V Power Ron 98. Greetings Ben
  6. Hi Mike Just a few seconds with terrible Diesel sound Greetings Ben
  7. I measured some things. When I turn off the key I immediately measure 0 (zero) volts on the ignition coil the spark plugs therefore cannot spark. No illegal current from the fan and wiper motor. Fuel pump also stops. Relay is burned in, it may stick sometimes. Now testing with a new one. Thanks for the tips the story continues Ben
  8. Alan, Indeed, I assumed the pump is off . The feed to the relay of the pump is coming from same source as the feed to the ignition. But perhaps the relay is sometimes “ sticky.“ I will do some checking Thanks Ben
  9. Dear Tr6 experts, Recently the engine of my PI is cp “dieseling.” when I swich off the car. The car runs fine and nothing has changed recently. The wrong ignition may be due to carbon residues, but where does the petrol come from when the Bosch pump is switched off. At the moment I put the gear in 4 th and let the clutch slowly come in to stop the engine. Please advice where to look to cure this problem Thanks and Greetings from Ben
  10. Thanks for the advice. Running the car this summer and do some overhaul coming winter. Greetings from Ben
  11. Just a question about the mu. The car in running fine with a chattering mu Is that something I have to worry about. Thanks for any advice. Ben
  12. Hallo Peter, Thanks for your offer but from now on I'll feed the engine with Ron 98 of even Ron 102 so I don't have the need to recurve the distributor Moreover I'ill run a check on the fuel pressure and flow. Greetings from Ben
  13. Hi Peter Thanks for your answer. I had already "studied" your very interesting explanation about lean burning and thought I understood the principle. But I was thinking that if the pump could not deliver enough fuel ( 16 gal/h at 110 psi) this could lead to a lean mixture. Reading your answer this is not the case. I gave my car to a good friend for some days. Probably he had used Euro 95 fuel instead of Euro 98 and after that mentioned the pinking. I now have the opportunity to use even 102 Ron fuel and that wil cure the problem Thanks for your help and advice Greeting from Ben
  14. My Pi friends and I had a discussion about the influence of the fuel pressure and flow in relation to engine knock. In other words can a bad performing pump cause engine knocking?? I am happy with an answer from the motherland of my fine running Triumph Pi (cp) Greetings and thanks Ben de Groot
  15. Hi My Bosch 909 died due to debris (no prefilter, stupid me ) I have just fitted a QSP 580 909 "High flow competition pump" It is a lookalike of the Bosch 909 with the same connections and I hope the same specs. Up to now it is working fine. QSP advices a prefilter. Cost only € 76,00 including shipping Greetings Ben
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