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  1. Longer hose now fitted (Moss part no. TGK 1255) and pump is now a lot quieter (it was louder than the exhaust). Hose supplied with the Bosch pump/filter assembly connecting pump to PRV is now fitted from tank to filter assy, although the banjo fitting had to be changed as it is too small, I wouldn't have thought that the bosch conversion used 2 different sizes of banjo fitting, but there you go! Many thanks to all replies to my problem, especially Rem 18. Graham.
  2. Hi Rem 18 (Tony), I have got a longer hose ready to fit, but haven't had a chance to fit it as yet.(work commitments). Hopefully I will be able to fit it this week, if it doesn't cure the problem I'll fit a diaphragm PRV. I normally fill with super unleaded but this morning I accidentally filled with "normal" unleaded and the wailing has stopped. Will let you know how I get on with the longer hose, Thanks for your help.
  3. The hose from the pump to prv is vibrating, have ordered longer hose that I'll fit next week and let you know the result. Mike C the prv was supplied with the pressure pre-set, if the hose doesn't resolve the issue then I will have to fit a diaphragm prv.
  4. Thanks for your input Rem 18. I'm going to change the feed hose, I can see fuel returning to the tank. I'm pretty sure that you're right about flow probs.
  5. Pump sited in spare wheel well, new hoses, filter before pump. Disconnected hose at PRV, pump ran quetly with a good flow. Graham.
  6. I'll have to check the number, unit was supplied from Moss last year. I was thinking that fuelstarvation might have something to do with it, next course of action is to fit a larger diameter hose from the tank to the filter. Thanks for your reply Rem 18 .
  7. Last year I fitted new bosch pump conversion, new metering unit (exchange), new injector hoses,new PRV (bought outright no exchange availble), car was EFI but I changed it back to P.I. after ECU melt down. The pump has now started wailing like a banshee, have replaced bosch filter. Could problem be the PRV or is it something else? Car starts OK and runs OK. Any ideas? Thanks, Graham.
  8. Hi Harry, I've got some photos, but am having difficulty posting them on the forum, if you e-mail me then I can send them direct to you.I lam located in north Norfolk. Graham.
  9. Hi Harry, Will try again, don't know what happened to the posting.................The Megasquirt cost approx. £150 plus labour to build it up, I'm not electronically minded so had a mate do it. The manifolds I machined out myself but it only took a couple of hours, so that shouildn't cost much at a machine shop. The throttle body,injectors and idle sensor came from a Vauxhall Carlton from the scrapyard for £50. The system that I put on two years ago was purely from the Carlton , but that gave problems on tickover so a change to Megasquirt was decided on to improve matters, (the mate who buit u
  10. Harry, Megasquirt cost approx £150 plus labour to build it up, mine was built up by a mate so that didn't cost me. I
  11. Check out:- http://www.bgsoflex.com/megasquirt.html I have had one of these fitted to my TR6 and a mate has one fitted to his TR4. My car uses the original manifolds bored out to accept Bosch injectors with a vauxhall (carlton) throttle body and a Lambda sensor fitted in the downpipe. The car returns over 35mpg on a run with no detrimental effect on performance. Graham.
  12. hoppy


    Guinness, It's on the club shop page of the tssc site under exterior trim and care. tssc.org.uk/catalogue Hoppy.
  13. hoppy


    Mish, Whilst not wanting to promote another club on this forum the T.S.S.C. sell towbars for the TR6, price about £125 plus p and p, that is if you don't fancy making your own. Hoppy.
  14. hoppy

    Aldon Ignitor

    Hi Richard, I fitted an Aldon system last May and have since covered about 2500 miles including a round trip of around 400miles to Malvern in July and a round trip of about 650 miles to Belgium at the beginning of October all without any problems, (however the car has e.f.i. from a V******* carlton that I fitted as opposed to the original p.i. system) . I chose the Aldon because of it's ease of fitting as well as the low price compared to other systems, but I keep the points etc. in the boot, just in case. Graham.
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