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  1. Neat. Thank you. Solved in 30 minutes! Best wishes, John
  2. Should the captive rear fixing nuts on an original factory steel Surrey roof float? My roof has been has been resprayed (thick undercoat and top coats) off the car (and retrimmed), and the fixing bolts no longer line up. If they should float, I’ll go scraping to free them. Many thanks, John
  3. Well, you learn something every day! I went searching to find out who writes the IPB reader app (Invision Power Services Inc) to see to whom I could notify the problem and it turns out that the TR Forum itself runs their software .... and there was a major update (3.2.3) of this Forum/Board software issued on 18th Oct.


    We may not have to turn to Apple to fix this.


    (note: there are additional screen issues even when typing this)





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