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  1. so the last thing I wanted to do was looking for that hard-to-find (...) bump stop. When I started on My 3A I found that it had obviously been entered into some sort of jumping competition sometime in it's life. The diff bump stop hoops were missing.. There was a large hole in the boot floor where the diff breather had penetrated the floor. The boot floor had been disconnected from the inner guards on both sides by the impact of the diff from underneath with a split of about 400mm on each side and large bow in the inner guard. A 200mm long split in the front LH suspension tower was probably the result of the same landing. My conclusion is that bump stops fitted with the correct hoops are obviously useful. Some more enthusiastically than others.. Unfortunately house building has overtaken TR building for most of this year so my project has slowed. cheers Rob
  2. guiding the pipe around the strap will lead it away from the rear axle, causing the possibility to be torn. Hi Menno, I have set pipes around outside of bump Straps in a "U" shape. Are you saying that this could cause vibration and subsequent fracturing of the pipe? Mine had this arrangement before so I basically followed what had been but this does not make it right. Rob: 1960 powder Blue 3A, rolling chassis complete, body just finished skuttle shake brace and preparing for paint.
  3. I am curious about the positioning of the rear brake pipes, as I see from the photos that they are positioned under the bump strap. Is there any possibility of the brake pipe being pinched if the supension bottomed? cheers Rob
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