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    Passionate for TR3, have 2 of them, one dedicated to Rallyes<br />see my website www.trmenvotre.com (and practice your french)<br />gfr.guiot@wanadoo;fr
  1. Hello What is the ratio of your rear axle (4:11 or 3:7 ?) What is the number printed in the centre of your speedometer ? 740 ? It means do you have the matching speedometer and rear axle? have a good day GG
  2. Hello, see the attached photos, the bottle and the push button.... from a french TR3! Best regards
  3. Hello, the opinon a froggy. I have several TR3s and one fully dedicated to hard rallye. On my normal TR3, with the standard copper gasket, I don't put any sealant ... just some oil on the surface to help the gasket to slide, expend, a lit bit as you tighten it from the center to the outside, according a spirale. The copper gasket are thick enought, they don't need sealant. I never had any gasket problem! But for my rally TR3, the engine is prepared, head skimmed, large valves, .... the gasket is a thin metal gasket, then I am using the sealant Wellseal .... on both faces. Rgds and goo
  4. Your mystery gear box is equiped with a MANUAL overdrive, some of them have been produced by the Belgium factory IMPERIA (at the same time as the coupé Francorchamps) I join some photos of the gearbox with its manual overdrive.... there was one for sale on e-bay few weeks ago. Rgds GG (www.trmentvotre.com)
  5. Hello, On one of my TR3 I use for rallyes, I have the Corbeau CUB seats (the ones you fond on the Buggy). They fit perfectly and they hold you very well in the bends. See photos attached (www.trmentvotre.com) Rgds GG
  6. Hello, For the windscreen wipers, it's simple, just remplace them by Frogyeye (or Midget) wipers. They have a better fit to the windscreens and some of them are larger and cover exactly the TR3 windscreen; I have them on my TR3A Rallye (www.trmentvotre.com) . Rgds GG
  7. One inch is a little bit too much, 1 cm is roughly what yoiu should have as there is a square spacer made of lining initially (now made of rubber). one remark : buy the mounting tub pack (all spacers and nuts and bolts); it's worth it Rgds G.G www.trmentvotre.com
  8. hello, I have 175x15 on one of my TR3A 59 on MWS wire wheels 5,5x15 with 72 spokes. It's perfect. 185 could be just with a TR3, it's depends on the state of your suspension. On my TR3A rallye, I have "rallye suspensions" (lower) and the 175 goes very weel, non problem, does not touch even in very tough conditions. I have studied a long time the wheels and tyres for that TR3, and esthetically you should not take too wide. Best regards GG see photo with 175 on 5,5x15 http://www.trregisterfrance.com/photos/anc...08/ardeche2.jpg
  9. G.Guiot


    Hello, even with Vredestein tyres (I have some on my TR3s), I put tubes. I bought them from Vredstein at the same time as the tyres... no problems, even after few tough rallye. Cheers Gg
  10. Hello, by experience, I would recommend 3 improvements on the TR3 chassis; at the front for the faixations of the lower wishbones on the chassis, at the back, to strenghten the back suspension fixation at tjh elevel of the chassis, and at the level of the central box of the chassi, to put at the rear of the box a similar piece of metal that at the front of the box. Obviously, you can do a lot more... but don't forget that a chassis has to be a litlle bit flexible. See artgicles on my web site : what I did page : http://www.trregisterfrance.com/meca/fiabi...bilisation1.htm and what cold be d
  11. Bonjour Gilles Ifyou are french, have a look at my site (www.trmentvotre.com) , there is a section called "fiabilisation" http://www.trregisterfrance.com/meca/fiabi...bilisation1.htm that could help you; that's all what I did (and even a little bit more - see TR3_rallye section) on my rallye TR3. For my every day TR3, I did also the majority of these modifications. Rgds GG
  12. Hello, I think it is easier to buy a set of COBRA CUB seats (ref ECOBCUB), they fit PERFECTLY to the TR2/3. see the photo attached Rgds GG PS : see this page of my site http://www.trregisterfrance.com/TR3rallye/...allye_fin1.html
  13. Hello, (soory for the previous ... empty answer) If you don't mind a french answer ... before looking at yours rod bearings and/or oil pump , JUST check the connection of the pipe at the level of the oilo filter; a) is it a stud + nut (not a bolt) holding the pipe? do you have the right size for the inner washer ? ... I just hasd the same problem on my newly restored TR3A... Good luck GG (www.trmenvotre.com)
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